warrior of the week Jun 18, 2021
“It really feels like a family.”

Our Warrior of the Week, all the way from the Netherlands is Leontien! Leontien works in biomedical research for cancer and neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s. 

Leontien has been with me for almost an entire year, and she prefers to workout early in the morning before she heads into the city for work, because it actually wakes her up and energizes her, but without the right mindset, early morning workouts can be hard to maintain. She also is an avid runner who was training for a half marathon and never really stopped training even though the event was cancelled. She loves spending the hour and a half of her run by herself surrounded by nature (except for the deer!). 

Leontien really loves the Strong Feels Good community, and how even though its members are located all over the world, it feels like a family where everyone supports one another. She also loves the variety of the program, how it targets different muscle groups, works in the cardio, and all without needing to go to the gym. 

In my chat with Leontien, we also talked about the importance of mindset (another important part of the Strong Feels Good program), why it’s ok to miss a day every now and then, and why everything is ok in moderation!


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