warrior of the week May 14, 2021
“Now I’m strong. I’ve never been strong before. I feel it, I know it, and it’s a completely different state of mind.” 

Maria is originally from Slovakia but currently lives in Luxembourg. She has been pretty active since her 20s, participating in sports, going to the gym, and doing classes. She started working with a personal trainer before covid hit and then she was unable to continue. She found Angela’s pull-up program and felt inspired to join and get her pull-up. She also got the Core Revolution program and was blown away by how effective it was, and just how wrong her technique was before.

With the strict lockdown rules in Luxembourg, the mindset portion of Strong Feels Good was life-changing, and now truly tries to get the best out of each day. Even people around her are noticing her optimism and joy. She has made friends from across the world though the Strong Feels Good program and found a deeper meaning and joy to fitness beyond more than just looking good. Strong doesn’t JUST look good… strong FEELS damn good too! 

Maria could barely hang on a bar before she started, and now she can do 8! Going forward, Maria would like to get to 10 pull-ups and wants to work with kids to lead them to get moving and learn to love fitness as she has. Seriously… what an amazing idea!

Join Maria and the rest of the crew with the SUMMER SHRED! Now enrolling until May 16th!


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