Meet Our Fall Back Challengers

We are almost halfway through my FALL BACK CHALLENGE, and I have to say... this group of challengers are absolutely KILLING it.

My Fall Back Challenge is a 2 week program that includes 5 workouts a week, an exclusive members-only support group on Facebook, live Zoom classes, and more! We started on September 12th and we're finishing up next week. I've seen a lot of familiar faces and some new ones too. This group is diverse, dedicated, and STRONG! Some of them have never done formal fitness training before, some are former athletes, and some are previous clients of mine who have come back to enjoy another challenge. 

I want to celebrate their successes this week and share some of their amazing stories and progress! 

"I found Angela March of 2020 when the gyms went to hell in a handbasket. My consistency with staying fit has been key in managing chronic health issues. This is not easy in pandemic times. I'm a PT and appreciate skill when I see it, and you are all in great hands with this challenge. Since the November 2020 Holiday Challenge and the February 2021 Spring Ahead Challenge, I've lost 12 pounds and have seriously curbed my sugar cravings. I sleep more soundly and feel like a can channel stress WAY more effectively. Strong feels da_n good"


"Also joined because I just needed some of Angela’s energy back in my life; she’s awesome! I did the pull up program with her last year and it got me through lockdown. Also esp love her push up tips (she taught me to practice with negatives/bottom holds, which helps so much).

Have fun with the challenge! 💪"


"I found Angela online during beginning of Covid and did one of her free challenges on Instagram and loved her workouts! I did her 30 day Core program (which is amazing)and several others after that. I always see progress!
I live in Asheville, NC , work at an addiction treatment center and was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease at age 42. Luckily I have always been active but really had to step up my game after diagnosis because high intensity exercise is the only thing that has been shown to slow progression. When things were shut down and now that Delta is back, these home workouts are extremely valuable to me! I love seeing others progress and the accountability of having to post my progress."
"Because somewhere after my surgery last year, I gave up and let it be an excuse. I stopped loving my body and became disappointed by the day. So today, I am choosing to get out of my comfort zone and take the first step to taking my life back."
"I found Angela on a random Wednesday in February 2021 on Women's Health Instagram Live. I was in a workout / health / mojo slump! Quarantine was getting to me! That day, I felt she was speaking directly to me. So I joined her 14 day challenge. 7 months later I am still addicted! So THANK YOU AG! Your support, dedication & love for this program / community is amazing! HUGE shout out to the SFG crew / community too! You hold me accountable every day! I love seeing your accomplishments / struggles! We are all in this together!"

My challengers are learning the importance of just SHOWING UP, even when you feel like you can't.

When Denise was feeling defeated, the group rallied around her to support her. 

I really believe that COMMUNITY is an important component to health and wellness. This is why I incorporate community so much in my programs. We have all felt lost and alone. Sometimes all it takes is someone in your corner to remind you of what you're capable of. 

I went live with one of my clients, Jordan, because her progress in my Strong Feels Good program is BLOWING me away. She's down 40 pounds and 24 inches! WATCH MY LIVE WITH JORDAN HERE

May be an image of 2 people and text that says '福 DOWN 40 POUNDS!'

May be an image of text that says '9:26 Search < 14DAY ALL BACI 14 Day Fall Back Challenge HALLENG Jordan Fengler-Mondau 2h Started in March my progress has been up as much as 40lb lost and 24in. have gone as low as 32% body fat. In these 14days want to build muscle. want to eat the good protein and fuel my body to the next level. I'll be doing my photos tonight!'

I also got this incredible DM from one of my challengers and I want to share it here because I think it's SO relatable.

As someone who was a college athlete, I felt this SO MUCH. I have shared my story far and wide about how when my gymnastics career came to an end, I had NO IDEA what to do next. I felt so lost every time I stepped into a gym. I tried to piece together random workouts. I didn't feel strong, energized, or healthy. It is so hard to find who we are when we are no longer high level athletes. I kept all this in mind when creating my programs. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance and a little support to completely turn ourselves back around!


I'm so proud of my challengers and I cannot WAIT to see what the next week (and more) hold for them! STRONG FEELS DAMN GOOD!


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