warrior of the week May 07, 2021

“I don’t have to settle with what was given to me or what happened to me. I can change it. It’s in my control. This is teaching me how to take my life back.”

This week’s Warrior of the Week is Meghan! Meghan is the TRUE definition of a warrior, so grab those tissues when you listen to her story (especially the end)! Meghan first stumbled upon my programs when she was rehabbing a torn ACL, and if you know anything about me, I tore my ACL TWICE, and you know what my physical therapist told me? I needed a stronger core. So Meghan decided to join my Core Revolution program to work on strengthening her core to help heal her ACL. She realized how weak she was, and couldn’t even do a v-in. Now? She can do several v-ins. When recovering from her injury, she couldn’t jog, and now she can. She can do push-ups on her toes.

The Strong Feels Good program has really helped her stay committed and to really put herself and her health first. When Meghan was 18, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. She struggled to find an exercise program that really worked for her. Through the SFG program, she has learned more about herself and she has really transformed her mindset. In the past, she would have just quit, but Strong Feels Good has helped her with goals, how to accomplish them in small steps, and how bad days might happen, but to have faith that tomorrow will be better. Megan has truly learned not to settle for the cards she was dealt in life, and that she CAN change her life. It’s within her control, and she has taken her life back.

Meghan has really benefited from the SFG community, even to the point of logging into facebook JUST to check out the group when she needs a little extra help and support.

Meghan was never a morning person, but now, she does her workouts at 5am! Talk about dedication! Going forward, she wants to recover from her knee injury with confidence and without fear.

Meghan is just one of the many warriors in Strong Feels Good. Join our 12 Week Summer Shred to see just why strong feels DAMN good!


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