New Year, Free Challenge, So many possibilities!

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2023

Welcome to 2023…. 

Where you have…

So many possibilities

You can make it whatever YOU want it to be…

A few week ago I started to plan for 2023 by doing a few things:


1. I wrote out what I DID accomplish in 2022

So many times we think of the things we DIDN’T do.. but what about the things we DID do and did accomplish? 

2. I started to visualize what my perfect life looked like and how that felt

Trying to think of the small details and things that actually matter

3. I did a MASSIVE brain dump

 Putting everything I wanted to achieve on paper and dividing it into Personal, Business, Financial, Relationship Goals

4. I asked myself why

Why do I want to achieve these goals? How will they make me feel? Does it align with my purpose?

5. Created a Vision Board

I am still in the works of fine tuning my board so I will share once it's done! 

 My next step is to sit down and write out SMALL actionable steps that I can take each week to lead to my goals.

On New Years Eve,my boyfriend and I sat down and shared our goals to each other, which was super special. In the past, I never had someone who planned ahead and sat down to think about what they really wanted to achieve. Speaking them out loud and knowing I have the support of someone else was another added form of accountability.

Just like anything, the pull-up included, if you look at the end destination of a goal, it can seem overwhelming and unachievable. Split your BIG goals up into SMALL steps and focus on them one step at a time, celebrate EACH small step you accomplish.

 I outlined my entire process in this goal setting workshop, if you want a recording of it I have put it here!

Also, as aa reminder... you can write out, make all the pretty boards you want, but if you don’t take ACTION and do something… nothing will ever happen.


1:1 Coaching

With the holidays happening, movement can be super overwhelming and you can feel off track, extra stressed and weak...

I reminded ALL of my clients this week that the holidays are temporary and the goal during that time is to just do SOME kind of movement to take care of yourself!

I have 1 more spot open for 1:1 Coaching! I'm so excited to have new 1:1 clients onboarded and ready to conquer their goals!


💪🏼 Lisa

💪🏼 Amy

💪🏼 Amber (business coaching!)

💪🏼 Sara


Free things that ROCK

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These are a few of my favorite things

These are some things that have greatly impacted my life or that I use daily!

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The Mountain is YOU! 

I am obsessed with this book! All about self sabotage and how to conquer it! It's an easy read! 

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Water Filter System 

Tap water has so many contaminates in it! I keep having to lug heavy gallons of water up three flights of stairs in my apartment before I finally invested in this filter! It's super cute, easy to use, affordable, and the filters last 6 months to a year 

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TOE Spacers 

I have Bunions...gross right? These toe spacers are great! I wear them every morning to help keep my toes in alignment and prevent and other issues! Its basically like a retainer for your toes! 

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