warrior of the week Aug 20, 2021
“I was so excited to find this, and it’s been so wonderful and amazing. I love the idea that I can get up and feel really good, and also know that someone really thought about it, and I don’t have to.”

Nikki is from Chicago but she lives in Berkeley, CA and works with giving away grants to nonprofit organizations. In high school she played tennis and field hockey, and she loves being active (especially outdoors)! Her grandfather lived to be 102 and inspired her with his daily fitness regimen and helped her understand the value and importance of movement and exercise. She started getting into running while she was living in California, but once Covid hit a week before the Berkeley half marathon, group running came to a halt. That’s when she found me on the Women’s Health instagram.

Nikki was piecing together random workouts and not seeing much progress. They weren’t really thought-out and they didn’t fit together. When she joined the Strong Feels Good program, she loved that someone planned a workout for her so she didn’t have to. All she had to do was follow along! With so many things in the world outside our control right now, participating in the program became one thing she could control and that she knew would make her feel good. 

Overall, she feels stronger and has gained the knowledge about how to properly structure her workouts. She also is having a really easy time recognizing her progress and improvement. The programming is smart, quick, and effective. Nikki works full time and is in grad school, so she does NOT have time to exercise for 4 hours a day! She loves the community, because even though we were in the midst of a pandemic, she never felt alone in this journey.  The Strong Feels Good Community is welcoming and supportive, ready to cheer on anybody, on the good days and the bad. 

“The community is the cherry on top. I don’t feel like I’m doing it all by myself, even in a pandemic.”

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