warrior of the week Jun 04, 2021
“I feel lighter. My clothes fit a little bit better. In general, my body feels cleaner.”

Patti is from Oklahoma City and has been with me since February of 2020 (pre-pandemic)! She started in my Pull-Up Revolution program. Prior to starting my programs, she never really did a ton of strength and tended to piece together random workouts she found online. She tended to stick to “leg day,” and ignored training her arms. One day she decided that she wanted to learn how to do a pull-up.

Patti is pretty good at working out on her own, but really benefits from having accountability through TrueCoach and having a safe space to post her progress in the facebook group. She’s found a great balance in Strong Feels Good of the “leg day” she loves while also strengthening and toning her upper body. As a runner, the strength workouts have improved her running form and made her a better runner! She feels lighter, her clothes are fitting better, and her body feels cleaner. The scale doesn’t reflect that, but she FEELS and LOOKS better… which is the perfect embodiment of the STRONG FEELS GOOD philosophy. 

Going forward, Patti is still working on improving her pull-ups, training for her half-marathons, and continuing her progress in Strong Feels Good.


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