warrior of the week Jul 23, 2021

Rebeca is originally from Mexico, but she has lived and traveled all over the world and dabbled in several different careers! In December, she started her own business, and when starting a business from the ground up, it’s always a financial struggle, but add in a global pandemic and it’s extra hard!

Growing up as a teenager, she was chubby and didn’t like exercising. But she started little by little running and doing pilates. She’s spent the last 13 years in and out of gyms, trying lots of different things like pilates, crossfit, and weight training, but she had a hard time sticking to something. She found Angela through Women’s Health, and during the pandemic, she found that exercising and listening to mindfulness podcasts helped her handle her stress, and so she decided to join my Summer Shred.

Several years ago, Rebeca suffered an injury while she was doing crossfit, and that’s why she has really benefited from the progressions and the mobility of the Strong Feels Good program. She also really needed structure in her daily life. Previously, she had no plan or structure, but now she does. She has even learned how to balance a healthy, nutritious diet with a structured workout program. Since her crossfit injury really affected her upper body strength, the SFG program has helped her gain back some of that strength in a safe way. 

As far as the community goes, with so many programs someone might feel uncomfortable when they compare themselves to others, but the Strong Feels Good program is approachable, and the community is supportive without being intimidating. All of our crew members are in different stages of their fitness journey so there is no judgment or embarrassment. Rebeca feels inspired by the community and by Angela. Keeping things relatable is just part of why this program works!



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