Retreat Recap!

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2023

It's been quite the weekend! Since January, I have been planning for my very first Strong Feels Good Retreat here in Austin, Texas! 

I have never hosted a retreat before BUT I have been to a few that have truly changed my life. And that was my goal.. .to change each of the ladies lives by the end of the 4 Days. 

So after countless day and hours of prepping, creating the schedule, getting goodies it was time to do the damn thing! 

Thursday: The ladies arrived one by one! Most of them I have NEVER met in real life only through zoom for the past 3 years! So it was epic to meet them face to face! For Maria from Luxembourg, this was even her FIRST time in America! We started off with some healthy lunch, a quick off the plane workout and then a Sound Bowl Experience from my friend Mae!  

Friday: My amazing friend Bea lead the ladies through a BreathWork Experience which is a great way to open up the mind, release emotions and dive deep into what each person particularly needed to grow (we were all crying by the end) after a light lunch we headed off into town to Wake Surf with an amazing Pro Surf Instructor Caroline. The weather was perfect! And what was SUPER cool is that everyone who did my program was now seeing how by staying in good shape you can do some epic shit with your body! Like surf! Mind you there were ALL ages here so DON'T think just because you are getting older you cant continue to do epic things! 

Saturday: I brought the crew to my favorite gym in Austin Squatched Frontier Fitness for a community workout, ice baths, sauna connection activities and of course HANGING! We then went from there to paddle board on the water here in Austin. Coming back home for a Goal Setting Workshop so that we can define actionable steps to reach each persons goals and then shopping on South Congress! 

Sunday: I had my favorite yoga teacher take them through a flow outside and we started to wind down the Retreat with an epic breakfast and shopping at the Farmers Market 

 For me personally, planning the retreat was such a process! It was so much work but it was so worth it. 

To be able to connect with each of the ladies in person, to have them do things that they might have NEVER done in their lives and to show each of them that they have support to go after ALL their dreams they have was a true reminder of my purpose. 

As I sit here putting this weekly post together, I am definitely exhausted but also full of life because I want to continue to impact people from all over the world! 

If we do a Retreat again and you want to join, click here to get on the list to get the deets first! 

Today I am catching up on work and preparing to head to compete on American Ninja Warrior for the 5th time in LA =)! Wish me luck! 

Client Spotlight

Catherine went from 0 to 3 Pull-ups!  

(Click above to watch the video!) 

Catherine is a 49 years old and lives in Canada! She came to me for customized coaching because she had that goal of conquering that first pull-up. With consistency, diligence and trusting the process she was able to not only get 1 but THREE Pull-ups. I wanted to take a second to celebrate the HELL out of her here! 

If you want to conquer your Pull-up there are a FEW ways to work with me: 

  1. Do it Yourself 6 Week Pull-up Programs! I have THREE different programs based on your specific  skill level. Videos of everything, easy to follow workout plan and support via our private Pull-up Revolution Community: Take the Quiz to Determine Best Program: Click Here
  2. Small Group Coaching: I have several programs to choose from and will give you weekly feedback as well as Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Workouts: Apply Here
  3. 1:1 Coaching: I legit customize your programming each week for you based on your goals, schedule, time frame & commitment: Apply Here 


Free things that ROCK

✅ Free Hang Challenge: we have THOUSANDS hanging out together! Click here to join

✅ What If It All Goes Right: Goal Setting Workshop! Such an amazing Goal Setting Workshop!! I know some of you couldn't make it! So you can get the full recording and keep it forever here!

✅ New Community: We decided to switch communities yet again, we found a spot right here that would allow you post your videos EASILY! I am HUGE on making sure each person in the community has a GOOD experience so when I see something that can be better I fix it! Click Here to join and introduce yourself!

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