warrior of the week Apr 23, 2021

Robin is from Rhode Island, and pre-pandemic worked as a stage manager, but with theater being shut down, her side-job of coaching gymnastics is now her full time job. When the quarantine started, Robin wasn’t in the best place: she had put on some weight from stress and wasn’t feeling comfortable with her body. She started with my free STRONG FEELS GOOD Challenge and segued into many of my other programs before finally settling on the SFG Membership.

Being able to see her progress throughout the many strength tests she has done has been one of her favorite parts because it has helped her truly see her progress and analyze her numbers. Robin’s had a couple nagging injuries but she’s really learned how to listen to her body, perfect her form even if it means doing an exercise modification, and know when it’s time to rest for her injuries to recover. Robin also loves the community and the support, connections, and friendships she has been able to create with this community with people who have similar goals. 

Robin has made the most improvements in her legs (she loves leg day), her core feels stronger and she experiences less back pain. Most of all, exercises she wasn’t able to do or do only a few of now feel easier to her now. She is stronger, healthier, and happier, and strong feels DAMN good!

Check out Robin's amazing progress pictures below!


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