warrior of the week Aug 06, 2021
“Reminding yourself that if you stay consistent and continue doing the exercises, that’s going to put you in a better spot for when your injury is healed.”

I am so honored that Sam shared her story with me. Her fitness journey has been a meaningful one and it has been a huge part of who she is. In high school, she suffered from an eating disorder, anxiety, and self-harm, and exercise and lifting helped her recover and shift her mindset. Exercise has helped her learn the value of strength and what the body can do. 

She’s battled a SLAP tear in her labrum, and she’s done an amazing job with working around her injury and listening to her body. Sam is what we call an A+ student, especially in regards to how she is able to safely modify her exercises to allow her injury to heal.  

Sam is so consistent and shows up for herself every day. How does she do it? First off, she knows herself and knows what’s best for her. She knows she’s a morning person, and she knows that she needs a little time in the morning before she does her workout. She has an alarm on her phone to keep herself accountable. She also doesn’t beat herself up for missing a workout, because at the end of the day, we’re all human! Things happen!

Sam is also a runner, what is an amazing testament to this program is that she’s been running less but doing more strength training, but she was actually able to hit a PR. You don’t have to run a lot to improve your running!

Sam’s favorite part of Strong Feels Good is the community: from the positivity of the group to the involvement of the trainers to the accountability of the app. She’s also improved a lot with body positivity and focusing more on strength. 

Say it with me now… strong doesn’t just LOOK good, strong FEELS even better!


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