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The secret formula to lose inches, shed pounds & get that six pack

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2019


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The magic formula to loose inches, shed pounds, & get that six pack.. . . ✖️Step 1: take magic pill . ✖️Step 2: 60 min of fasted Cardio . ✖️Step 3: 60 min in Sauna DONT drink any water . ✖️Step 4: 60 min more of Cardio . ✖️Step 5: 200 hundred crunches . ✖️Step 6: Lift....BUT not heavy... that will make you bulky . ✖️Step 7: Find two studs and have them pull you appart for long lean muscle . ✖️Step 8: Release Magic Pill . . What’s wrong with this picture ? And with all of this ? Besides well EVERYTHING. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ . . But for many it’s not their fault they get into these ridic traps of thinking they have to go to extremes to really get the body they want and to feel good. They try the extremes get discouraged and can’t hang onto it and then are back at square one . . How frustrating is that ? There is so much BS out there, but there’s a lot of GOOD out there as well . . So @lauren_kanski and I are ready to help YOU debunk the myths and get on a successful path to your goals.. . . Ask your questions below and stay tune for an IGTV debunking each myth and giving you feedback on how to do it the right way...which is way more fun btw ;) . . And remember..Strong feels good! . . #WHstrong #WarriorStrong #Pulluprevolution #fitness #mondaymotivation #newyearnewyou #strongfeelsgood

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Step 1: Take Magic Pill

Step 2: 60 minutes of fasted cardio 

Step 3: 60 minutes in the Sauna 

Step 4: 60 minutes more of Cardio 

Step 5: 200 Crunches 

Step 6: Lift...but NOT too heavy (you don't want to get bulky)

Step 7: Find two studs and have them pull you apart for long lean muscles 

Step 8: Release magic pill 


What is wrong with this picture? Besides literally everything....

But for many it's not their fault that they get roped into these ridiculous traps of thinking they have to go to extremes to really obtain the body they want.  They try extreme diets and workouts. Go all in, burn out and wind up getting discouraged when they stop and are back at square one.  

How frustrating is that? I am writing this because I want to share with people that there is a a lot of BS out there BUT there is also a lot of GOOD out there as well. How can you tell the difference? 

Let's go over some myths to debunk RIGHT now. Also note: if something seems TOO good to be true it probably have lots of resources...research what you are doing ASK me, ask other fitness professionals you trust to make sure you are doing something that is actually going to benefit you. 

Let's get to some debunking. 

1- There are Magic Pills 

Hate to break it to you... there are no magic pills to get to your fitness goals or ANY goals for that matter...anything you see with a bottle that says 48 hour miracle diet, or lose 10 pounds in two days is all FALSE and if anything...honestly...that probably means you'll be sitting on the toilet and shitting your brains out for two days. Which will def make you lose weight...water weight..and is extremely bad for your body. The only "magic pill" is hard work & giving your body what it needs. Once you put that all together and find the formula that works for YOUR body, you will be golden. It's possible and guess what a lot less "shitty" literally. So please avoid this... 

2- You should do LOTS OF CARDIO..fasted cardio at that

LOTS and LOTS of cardio is NOT the answer. I'm not saying cardio is bad because its not, but there's a fine line of what is wrong and right. If someone programs you 90 minutes of cardio, you should really think twice about the program because it's not necessary.  A few things happen when you do TOO much cardio. One, your "muscle" starts to disappear... doing too much cardio can actually eat away at your muscles, which can actually make you weaker over time s if you do too much you probably are burning more muscle than you intend. Think of distance runners, they have that LONG super lean shape built for marathons etc.  Two, too much cardio can actually have a reverse effect...too much working out that won't see your body changing if all you're doing is cardio or if ALL you are doing is one thing in general your body needs a change up. Three, Fasted cardio studies dont show giant differences, some studies say you burn more fat during fasted cardio, others say you don't. But what i find is that You should do what feels right for you, if you feel like you cant eat in the morning I still recommend having a few berries so that you can run at optimal performance and you have 'something' in your system. So even though fasted cardio sounds "cool" we need to stop thinking about what's cool and what actually works. 

3- -Sit in the Sauna for a Few Hours & not Drink Water

The sauna has TONS of amazing benefits. But by sitting in a sauna for over an hour all you are doing is dehydrating yourself and sweating out water weight. So just realize this. I remember the wrestlers in school would sit in the sauna in a million layers of clothes to try and sweat out their last few pounds to make weight for a match and although it worked it wasn't a long term solution, it was quick way to get the scale down so that they could get to the weight they needed 

4- LOTS of crunches and Ab exercises will give you Abs

So let's be clear, crunches will not give you abs. It doesn't work that way. Few things that will help you develop your abs are focusing on what you having in the kitchen and also doing exercises that are actually targeting your core. What happens with sit-ups and crunches it that we aren't actually engaging our core we tend to just be thrusting ourself up and down and using momentum. Great exercises are the Palof Press, Plank Holds, Deadbugs, Single Leg stands, exercises that are a little less dramatic but way more effective. When you are in the kitchen you should be trying to eat 80% clean and giving your body the fuel it needs including lots of water. 

5- Don't Lift too'll get bulky

Enough with this...lifting does NOT make you bulky. If anything if you want to get "bulky" and 'bigger" that is actually WAY harder than cutting down. if you are trying to get "bulky" you need to really ramp up your diet and eat a TON!  So just realize this! Lifting weights is going to tone up your body and shape you it takes a lot to make you "bulky." So focus on getting strong! Because "Strong Feels Good" 

6-Find two studs to pull you and lengthen you  

This one is just silly...own your body own your shape...hanging on a bar won't make you two dudes pulling you a part won't help make you long and lean either...Love your body! 


Hope this helps in debunking a TON of myths for you! If you have any questions at all please let me know! I am here to help you really reach these new years goals and keep them! 

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