Stop Playing Small!

podcast Jul 18, 2022

How are you going to afford that?” my mom said when I told her I wanted a house on the water with a cute studio in the back.

And I get it... a lot of parents are just trying to protect you from having unreasonable expectations. But honestly, I felt like she had just shut me down and doubted my abilities and the life I could make for myself.

But as I was walking along the water in the morning I started to think to myself,  "why play small?" Instead of thinking, "how can I afford that?" why not instead think about how you can make that a reality? Because why not? Why not you? Why not us?

It comes back to the idea of playing small. Why can’t you aim to have the house on the water? The same reason we “play small” is the same reason we settle for less. Stop playing small! Play larger. Play bigger. Play greater. 

What seemingly impossible things have you already done?

When I think about these impossible goals like getting the house on the water, I start to think about something that seemed impossible years ago that I have now achieved. A few that come to mind for me is my first ACL tear and thinking I would never come back and be able to use my body the way I always had... but I made it! I did it.

Or maybe getting that magazine cover. The one I had always dreamed of. The one I manifested by photoshopping myself on the cover for years.

I start to think back to how that shit was hard, but I did it. I made it happen and I came out stronger and greater.

So why cant I make a million or billion dollars in my business? Why not me? Why cant I have the house on the water, and the “perfect” relationship... and a dog.?

Treat your goals in a way that is familiar to you

Athletics is something that is familiar to me. In gymnastics, fitness competitions, and Ninja, there’s a deadline for a race or a competition. You need to reverse engineer and step back. Make a plan and stick to it and make adjustments as you go. If you think about something familiar and then translate it into something you are trying to accomplish that seems out of reach, it starts to feel A LOT more manageable.

Are you taking steps to get to this big goal each day or are you sidetracked?

Often, other things will come up and side track you from the big things you want to achieve. If you're serious about it, take a second to audit your life each week. Are you at LEAST doing something to lead you to that big goal you have. Or are you side tracked by busy work and things that just do not matter?

I hope this week's episode helps you to think bigger and to not be held back by others saying to you, "how are you going to do that?" and responding, "watch me!" instead.

This going to sound messed up, but the truth is that there is someone else out there with less qualifications doing the thing YOU want to do or has the thing you want. The only difference is they believed in themselves and realized that they can have it... so why not you?



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