How to get rid of Stubborn Low Belly Fat!

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How do you get rid of stubborn low belly fat?! ⠀

I’ve been asked this questions SO many times within the past few weeks so I wanted to do ALL I could to help you out with this one ⠀

So many factors are to be taken into account when we talk about “stubborn lower belly fat” & it doesn’t JUST have to do with working out. ⠀

Here are a few: ⠀

➡️Nutrition: Are you giving your body the nutritions it needs? Are you eating enough… ? ⠀

➡️Stress: If you are stressed about life OR not giving yourself enough rest and over training this could cause your body to hold onto water, hold fat and bloat you in that area. Stress does A LOT to our bodies⠀

➡️Exercise: Are you on a structure program and making sure you are ACTUALLY activating your core when you are working out? Are you being consistent? ⠀

➡️Water Consumption: Are you drinking enough water? This helps digestion of food, removes toxins and helps burn fat.⠀

➡️Hormones: decreased estrogen levels could be a factor in this all and is known to be a reason in holding on to fat in this area⠀

➡️Alcohol Consumption: yes really, how much are you drinking  …we can get into this topic later ⠀

So YES the above is a lot to think about! But in these videos I gave you FEW Exercises I personally love for the lower abs! LISTEN as I explain how to do each correctly: ⠀

👉🏻Leg Lowers

👉🏻Dead Bugs ⠀

👉🏻Plank Knee Sequence SLOW 

👉🏻Heel Taps 

👉🏻Plank Leans ⠀

👉🏻Water: Drink it 

👉🏻Sleep: REST, meditate & chill ⠀

👉🏻Nutrition: Eat the rainbow, veggies, fruit, carbs protein ⠀

I also want you to realize that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT⠀

Seriously, I am giving you some factors above but everyone is different. So make sure that before you go doing anything super serious you chat with a professional to help you get to your goals. Hopefully these post lead you in the right direction toward or goals =) ⠀

Was this helpful?! Ask your Questions below! 👇🏻⠀

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What does engage your core even mean when we say it ?! ...great question lol 




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