warrior of the week Oct 01, 2021
“The Strong Feels Good community is priceless. It’s one of the things that keeps me coming back every month.”

Tamara lives on the Georgia/Tennessee line and works in the finance department for a physical rehab hospital, but she also teaches swim aerobics classes too! You might know her sister, Meghan, another SFG member (read more about Meghan HERE). She started getting in the water after an ankle surgery, and after that, she got certified herself to help others recover from injuries in the water. But she wanted something else… something land-based. She was looking for something more cohesive in addition to what she was doing in the water. Tamara fell into the Covid funk that many of us fell in, and that’s when Meghan convinced her to join Full Body Revolution. Tamara won one of my contests and got three months free of Strong Feels Good, and the rest is history!

Tamara’s schedule is busy, but she’s learned to find balance: balance in still leading her pool exercise classes, her day job, and finding time for herself. Tamara loves that the Strong Feels Good program is a cohesive program that helps her transform from head to toe. Physically, she sees a difference in the way her clothes fit, her upper body strength, her bicep definition, and the strength of her legs. Her endurance has improved, her mile run time is decreasing, and she went from not being able to do push-ups on her toes to being able to do them, which is HUGE, especially for Tamara who has had two foot surgeries and has limited mobility in her toes. Mentally, she has learned the value of journaling and gaining clarity in her thoughts.

As we age, it’s easy to focus on weight and the number on the scale, but there’s a better way to live. We should want to stay strong, flexible, and independent as we age. Just keep moving!

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