This story will change your life, so don't skim it!

Uncategorized May 09, 2023

This must read story might just change your life. Don't skim it!

Two lumberjacks are out in the woods chopping wood. They have a strict quota to meet at the end of the day, so it's going to be a super busy one.

Lumberjack #1:

Hustles like a crazy person all day. He doesn't take any breaks because he knows meeting this deadline is almost impossible. So he figures the longer and harder he works, the more wood he will have chopped by the end of the day!

Lumberjack #2:

Takes a break every 10 minutes and disappears into the unknown. Lumberjack #1 is wondering where he is going and how he is going to meet the deadline if he keeps disappearing.

At the end of the day, they count how much wood they have chopped

Lumberjack #1: 80

Lumberjack #2: 90

Lumberjack #1 is PISSED.

"How the hell did he chop more wood then I did?"

So he asks him, "Hey, can I just ask you, what the hell you where doing when you where taking all those breaks? I just don't understand how you beat me!"

Lumberjack #2 replies, "I was sharpening my axe"

🤯🤯 Insane, right?

Lumberjack #2 was working SMARTER, not harder, AND he was taking care of his own needs by taking a break and filling his cup, so that when he was productive, he was chopping the wood easier and faster.

Lumberjack #1: Was burnt out AF, and didn't even chop as much wood

So I want you to take a second today and ask yourself, are you just hustling? Or are you taking some time to sharpen your own axe?

Are you feeling guilty when you take some time to yourself to get movement in or take a break? Do you feel like you won't be as successful if you aren't hustling all the time?



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