How to Tighten & Tone your Arms up!

Uncategorized May 28, 2020


⚡️My arms are “flabby”… is one of the comments I hear from women. They then grab their skin on their arm and pull it.. 


I’ve literally had my personal arms grabbed in public with people asking me.. how did you get your arms to look like that? Which is funny because I used to hide my arms and be made fun of for them…. but thats another story. 😅


So let’s talk about how to tone up these arms! 


👉🏻Few things to think about before we get to the exercises: 


1- Are you ACTUALLY engaging your arm muscles when you are working them?! Seriously, especially for things like bicep curls, tricep dips I tend to see a lot of bad form that leads you to not actually engage the right muscles and instead your back or your shoulders.


2- YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENT.. seriously you can’t just do a few dips or a few bicep curls and think that over night you are going to see a difference, you need to stick to a structured plan, stay consistent and constantly evaluate your progress to see what works for YOUR body. 


4 Exercises to Tone up Your Arms 


➡️Bicep Curls: Make sure you are ACTUALLY doing these correctly, you can always put your back against the wall. I personally like to start light with my weight then increase it each time so that the last rep I am really feeling it! 


➡️Tricep Dips- Biggest area I see women lacking strength is in the tricep area which we tend to neglect but triceps are a great muscle that really give you that nice shape in your arm. Make sure you again are ACTUALLY targeting your tricep and not your shoulders 


➡️Push-Ups: Regress these if you need too! 


➡️Pull-Ups: Obviously my FAVORITE.. if you really want to tone up those arms and back pull-ups are the way to go. Ive seen MAJOR arm transformations in my @pullrevolution Program. 


Yes, it’s totally an okay goal to want to look good and tone up those arms. But straight up if you focus on strength… the looks will come! 


Strong not only feels good it looks good! So I challenge you to change your perspective and attitude a bit when trying to get to your goals. 


Notice too.. nothing fancy here just basic movements that you need to do consistently with purpose to get to your goals. 

It’s totally possible for you! 

Understanding why you are training is a game changer 


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