We Saved a baby Squirrel.. 🐿

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2024

Let me hit you with a little story that happened recently. Picture this: a sunny day in Austin, my boyfriend and I taking care of business, when suddenly, we stumble upon a little creature in need. Yep, you guessed it, a baby squirrel!

Now, normally I’m all about conquering obstacles, but this one was a different kind of challenge. I couldn’t just walk away. This little guy needed help. So, we sprang into action. Despite initial reluctance from my boyfriend (typical!), we made sure that furry friend got the care it needed.

Fast forward a bit, and we found ourselves playing nurse to this tiny critter, waiting anxiously for a call back from animal control. We nursed him, watched over him, and made sure he was comfortable.

Long story short, after a nerve-wracking journey to a special animal hospital, we got the news we’d been hoping for: the little guy was a fighter! He made it through the night, and now he’s on his way to a full recovery. Talk about a heartwarming victory! ❤

So, what did I learn from this unexpected detour in my day? Well, here are three things:

 Compassion knows no bounds. Whether it's conquering obstacles or helping a furry friend in need, kindness always wins.

 Every life matters. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, every creature deserves a fighting chance.

 Sometimes, the most meaningful victories happen off the course. Sure, I love dominating obstacles, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’ve made a difference in someone (or some squirrel’s) life.

So, while today’s blog not be about pull-ups or fitness feats, it’s a reminder that strength comes in many forms. And sometimes, the most powerful act of all is simply lending a helping hand (or paw). ❤

Keep shining bright, team! Until next time.

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