You're going to suck. And that's ok!

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2023

"Some of the best things in life don’t look so hot at the beginning.

It’s cool to pick something up fast, but have you ever experienced the feeling of sucking out of the gates? Then working hard, consistently, humbly…and celebrating the whole messy, wonderful process?

I was on a mission to get my first pull-up a few years back, and I can tell you that EVEN NOW—years after I got one, then 5, then 10–every single trip above the bar is so much sweeter bc of the sweat I had to put in to get here.

Apply to life! You’ve got this. ✨✨✨ Shoutout to my 😇friend @angela_gargano for the coaching, support and belief in me getting pull-up number one back in 2019!"  

- Liz Plosser/Editor and Chief of Womens Health Magazine

You can watch the Video she created of her journey here

How REAL is this message 👆🏻

I've had the opportunity to work with HUNDREDS of women around the world to help them conquer their pull-up and FOUR things are certain.

  1. It TOTALLY sucks to suck at something at the beginning 
  2. IF you stay consistent not ONLY does it start to suck LESS...BUT you start to find BELIEF in yourself. 
  3. IF you NEVER get started with something...its literally NEVER going to happen...
  4.  There's legit is NEVER a good time to get started...and there will NEVER be a perfect moment. So the more you keep making excuses...the further you are going to be from your goals 

I had the opportunity this weekend to teach at a LARGE group event AND meet people in real life to help them with the FIRST step in the pull-up: the HANG.

 I asked each person, "How long do YOU think you can hang for?" BEFORE they did it...

 What was COOL is most people underestimated their potential.

One girl even said she would ONLY be able to hang for 5 seconds, but she held on for over a minute!

What I am trying to say is that sucking at something is ANNOYING at first.., but you are NEVER going to get better or even see your potential if you don't just TRY. 

I am sunburnt and exhausted from this weekend BUT I am doing a Free Pull-up Workshop on Wednesday (yes it will be recorded) that I would LOVE for you to attend! CLICK HERE to sign up!

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Client Spotlight

In January, my 1:1 Client Sara set a goal to conquer her first pull-up at 38 years old…and here’s a bit about her journey.

Sara consistently showed up, trusted the process even though it was a bit different from the workouts she was used to!  

She listened to her body when she needed extra rest. She committed to her self to not only follow the customized plan I gave her each week but, also to reduce other stress factors in her life, and to focus on sleep, eating, and recovery.

 A few things she realized:

  • You don’t need to be dripping sweat to get an amazing workout in!
  • By working on the pull-up, her husband noticed she was getting those amazing toned arms and back!
  • Patience… because consistency is going to be what gets you to your goal, so not beating herself up on the days where she wasn’t seeing progress yet and sticking to the plan!

When you work towards a goal like a pull-up, it isn’t just about conquering the pull-up. This journey will legit change your life.

I am accepting 2 more 1:1 Coaching Clients! During our 3 month period, I customize your programming each week for you based on your goals, schedule, time frame, and commitment: Click here to apply!

After you Apply IF it's a good Fit I will send you deets to set up a FREE 15 minute call to go over your goals in MORE Details!

If it's NOT a good fit I will still send you advice on what YOU can specifically do to reach your goals!


Free things that ROCK

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