Your body has a way of telling you when "enough is enough"

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2023

Happy Monday, Crew!

Welcome to another Never Miss a Monday Email from yours truly, Angela Gargano. If you're new here, let me introduce myself. I send out an email every Monday with a FREE Workout (yes, literally), Motivation, details on Free Resources/Workshops I am hosting, AND Discounts to my favorite brands. I am a former biochemist turned fitness coach with over 10+ years of experience in the industry, both in-person and online. I've achieved titles like Miss Fitness America in 2016, competed on Ninja Warrior 5 times, overcome two 2x ACL knee injuries, and so much more. My goal with these emails is to inspire you and help you kick off your week on a positive note. So, let's get into it and hang out, figuratively and literally!

 I have THREE topics that have resonated with me and several of my clients, and I'm sure you can relate.

1️⃣ If you don't slow down, your body will force you to 😅

Many of us believe that the more we do, the more successful we'll be. We fear that taking a moment to breathe might cause everything to fall apart. However, if your body feels sluggish, tired, or if your Oura Ring tells you that your readiness is in the red zone, pushing yourself too hard won't lead to success. In fact, it will only result in frustration, burnout, or even illness. Your body has a way of telling you when "enough is enough." It signals when it's tired of being tired and when you haven't taken enough time for self-care and joy. If you simply pause, breathe, and slow down, you'll realize that most of the worries you had are insignificant. By filling your own cup, you'll attract the things you've always desired. Personally, I still fall into the trap of burning myself out. I become obsessed with a project or work and neglect self-care. However, every time I do that, I end up getting sick (this time, it was hives, a sore throat, and exhaustion). So SLOW DOWN...


2️⃣ Something is better than nothing

Are you a perfectionist with an all-or-nothing mentality? I know I am sometimes. But here's the truth: when it comes to working out and life in general, doing something for your physical and mental health is better than doing nothing at all. Perhaps work was crazy, and you couldn't complete a full workout. Instead, you managed to do half of it, took a rest day, or went for a walk. Don't be disheartened if your schedule wasn't perfect and you had to make adjustments or cut things short. The goal is simply to do SOMETHING, even if it's not perfect. That something goes beyond the workout itself. It's about doing something for YOU, and that's a win. Remember to be less hard on yourself.


3️⃣ Simple things can literally change your life

One of my clients recently fell down the stairs. As we age, the risk of a fatal fall increases significantly. That's why I advocate for daily habits like hanging or working on pull-ups to reduce this risk and lead a longer life. But here's what I want to highlight: this client of mine is incredibly consistent. She shows up every day for her workouts, doing "something" each day. Because of her commitment to herself, she was able to recover and get back on her feet after the fall without any fatal consequences.

So, the underlying message here is to never forget about yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself when life throws obstacles your way, and remember that it's okay to slow down sometimes. It's called life, and you need to prioritize doing SOMETHING for yourself each day because you matter!

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Beyond the Pull-Up Skill:

Lalita's pull-up journey proved to be more than just acquiring a new skill. It had a profound impact on various aspects of her life. She described feeling more connected to herself, as if the scattered pieces of her being were finally coming together. The training not only improved her physical prowess but also enhanced her ability to communicate within her own body. This newfound coherence extended beyond the pull-up bar, infusing her yoga practice and enriching her overall well-being.
Training the Mind:
One of the key takeaways from Lalita's pull-up journey was the power of the mind. By training herself to direct her attention and focus on her goals, she discovered the profound impact of positive thinking. Lalita emphasized the importance of believing in one's capabilities, highlighting the notion that our mindset plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Redirecting one's attention away from self-doubt and negative thoughts enables the path to accomplishment.

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