warrior of the week Jun 11, 2021
“In terms of mental health, it’s fantastic. It really has helped me.”

Our Warrior of the Week, all the way from the UK is Zoe! Zoe works from home as a legal secretary, and she’s been working out off and on since 2016. She did find some workout programs to do, but found that she tended to stick with the exercises she liked and felt comfortable with, and as a result, would do the same thing over and over again. She found me through Women’s Health and really resonated with some of the things I was saying about wrist injuries and strengthening exercises (something which is NOT talked about enough among trainers!)

On days where Zoe feels tired (we all have those days!), the struggle might feel pretty real, but after being consistent for so long, something comes from somewhere that pushes you to keep going, and once you do it, you feel great! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just get started, but once you do, you’re so glad you did. 

Zoe loves the structure of Strong Feels Good, and how it targets different muscle groups in a strategic way. She loves the additional demo videos that break down each exercise if you need a little bit of extra practice with them. Strong Feels Good has really helped Zoe’s mental health and helped her get through a lot of the tough times she’s been going through. She’s really connected with the community, because Strong Feels Good is a community where everybody knows your name; where regardless of where you live, how old you are, or where you are in your fitness journey, you have a community of people to support you.


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