7 of my Favorite Easily Digestible Books


Today I wanted to share 7 Books that are EASILY Digestible and changed my life....

 First I want to start off by saying that I am a SLOW reader and I always have been. For the longest time, I was embarrassed by this. I had friends cranking through a few books a week and I just could NOT keep up.

I decided to give myself permission to read as SLOW, as I want so I can really understand and absorb each book.

These books were all EASY to read, digestible, and I was able to actually take action after them, which is something I feel like is super important.

You can READ get all the advice you want but it's important to actually implement it. 

Also I visited the Ryan Holiday Book Store this weekend! It was so damn cute, located in a small town, and he had notes on certain books that explained why he loved them so much! And it inspired me to make this

The Mountain is YOU

I WILL be reading this multiple times. It's a great book on self sabotage it gives you reasons for WHY you feel a certain way, as well as actionable steps you can take to come out of it

The Daily Stoic

In this book by Ryan Holiday, you literally just read one page a day for the year and it gives you advice and stories from ancient stoicism

Stop Acting Like You Are Going to Live Forever

And amazing book by my friend Jodie Cook with short stories each day and reminders for life I think we all need

Atomic Habits

A great book on how to change habits in a SLOW, steady way so they can remain sustainable! This book also focuses on the "why," which is often overlooked.

Make your Bed

This is actually a speech from a general, and he walks through how important it is to make your bed, and that is much more than having your bed LOOK good. I've made my bed everyday since reading this! 

5 Love Languages

Why didn't I read this sooner? This is a great way to help understand how your friends, family, and lovers communicate! Each person is a bit different so once you understand your love language and those of others, you can create WAY better relationships.

The Alchemist

I read this book in ONE sitting! It's a STORY and through that story is lessons. It wasn't at ALL what I thought it would be but damn it was good! Highly recommend!

Have you read any of these? Are there others I am missing that have changed YOUR life?

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