Everything you need to know about Bulgarian Split Squats

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

 I mean how many of us have felt personally victimized by Bulgarian Split Squats.. 😅 I know I have 🙋🏻‍♀️!

In this article and video I want to go over EVERYTHING you need to know about Bulgarian Split Squats.


1️⃣How to set up your Bulgarian Split Squat Stance without falling over, we will review 3 different ways!

2️⃣Common Mistakes we see in Bulgarian Split Squats

3️⃣How TWO small tweaks can drastically change what muscle you are targeting during the Bulgarian Split Squat

4️⃣A TON of different Bulgarian Split Squat Variations that YOU can try!


How to set up your Bulgarian Split Squat

Stance without falling over


There are THREE ways you can set-up:

1️⃣Two Steps Forward from the bench, the put your foot shoe laces down

2️⃣SIT on the bench first then shift forward

3️⃣START from the bottom position and come back up


Common Bulgarian Split Squat Mistakes 


1️⃣You line up like you are on a tight rope! You want to think train tracks instead, wider stance with enough distance from bench 

2️⃣Your Core isn’t stable so you are leaning forward or backwards too much

3️⃣While I want to Say that “shoe laces under” is the “correct” way to do this move! I do feel like you can do it either way HOWEVER the real mistakes lies in IF you do that you then put weight on the back foot! This is a Uni-Lateral movement meaning all the weight is on ONE leg, the front one. Sometimes when you tuck you toes under you wind up doing too much weight on back foot it also isn’t very comfortable in my opinion.

4️⃣Knees Caving in, have a partner or film yourself to prevent this from happening


FILM yourself, and film from DIFFERENT Angles to check your form! It takes time!


If you feel wobbly do this..Use a wall or mobility stick to help you balance, no harm in starting with that !


Three ways to drastically

change where you are feeling this move!


1️⃣Lean Forward, more HINGE Focused, you will feel it more in the Glutes AKA Booty!

2️⃣Go straight down, more Squat Focused, you will feel it more in the quad

3️⃣Rotate you will feel it even MORE in that glute


Variations that I love of this Move!


1️⃣Eccentric Bulgarian Split Squat (going SUPER SUPER slow) creates length in the muscles, creating micro tears and building that muscle strength!

2️⃣Bulgarian Squat with Rotation: Feel it more in the booty! Watch your back knee and positioning

3️⃣Front Elevated Bulgarian Squat helps you go DEEPER into this Bulgarian Split Squat

4️⃣Bulgarian Weight Exchange, come up with weight, then drop to floor, go up, going up body weight then grabbing the weight so changing it up!

5️⃣Bulgarian Jumps driving the knee up to the belly and jumping up! (So fun but damn)

6️⃣Bulgarian Iso Hold: Literally just holding at the bottom


Was this helpful?! What other movements would YOU like to see!


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