Everything you need to know about KB Swings!

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

 Everything you need to know about KB Swings


Another movement that SEEMS simple when you watch it….but then you go to do it and you’re like WTF why can’t I figure this out!! So I am going to break it ALL down for you and take you through some of my favorite drills to improve it! 


Form of the Kettlebell Swing 

  • Feet Shoulder Width apart and toes parallel
  • Start in a have squat/hinge position with your fingertips at the bell handle. This is normally about TWO foot steps away from the bell (Watch video to see how to get there) 
  • Gaze is forward and neck is neutral 
  • Activate your Lats by Squeezing the bell, some people refer to this as a “seatbelt” that helps to protect the lower back 
  • Hinge at the hips and Swing the Bell through your legs and right to your crotch (no glamorous way to say this)
  • Keep Hinging and thrusting those hips forward
  • Keep that seatbelt lock on the bell while swinging it up and allow the momentum of your hips to drive that bell forward
  • Make sure when you swing this belly forward that you don't lose the integrity in your core! 
  • Bell should go about Eye level but not above that (Although there IS movements and different types of KB Swings that will say to do  this 


Things that go wrong??

  1. Your bell goes WAY past your knees and it winds up looking like a squat 
  2. You lean WAY to far back at the top and can hurt your lower back 
  3. You FORCE the bell up with you hand instead of allowing your hips to do the work! 


Drills that I LOVE:


1-Park Bell to Butt 

2-KB Deadlift 

3-Single KB Swing to Park 


I would do about 10 of each of these drills with a weight you feel comfortable with before going FULL fledged in to a KB swing! These are GREAT drills to come back too! 


Guess what you can ALSO do this with a DB if you don’t have access to a KB so NO EXCUSES! 

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