Everything you need to know about Pull-ups!

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

Everything you need to know about Pull-ups! 


Pull-ups always seem like an impossible skill to achieve! But I promise you...it's not if you know exactly what to work on! So let's go through it all! 

In order to get your pull-up you need to focus on THREE things being:




In the video above I will go through a technique to figure out how your overhead range of motion is and also give you drills on HOW to improve this if its lacking! 

Next we will review about making sure your shoulders are stable. Because there a lot of "stuff" going on in your shoulder so you want to make sure you body is prepared and stable to pull-up your bodyweight! I review TWO Drills that I LOVE to help with this! 

The Form of the Pull-up?

Hands a little further than shoulder width apppart 

Thumbs can be UNDER or OVER the bar, if you have your thumbs UNDER the bar it will help to activate your lats better, give you better grip and is great is you want to progress to muscle-ups in the future 

Cross your feet behind you OR in front of you  BUT make sure that you squeeze your glutes! Squeezing your glutes will help you to activate your lats and engage your core so that your pull-up is easier 

Shrug your shoulders to activate your lats, you want to make sure your elbows stay STRAIGHT when you do this and that you arms raise away from your ears 

Pull your elbows back to your rib-cage, your chin will not be above the bar and slowly lower down! 

That all sounds fun doesn't it?! But it's all way easier said than done! So let's chat about drills to work on 

Hanging: Literally just HANG on the bar... you should aim to be able to hang for at least 30 seconds 

Hanging Shoulder Shrug: Practice these SLOW and controlled so that you learn how to properly activate those lats! Remember keep your elbows straight! If you have a hard time doing this hanging you can do this standing with your hands over your head (example in video) 

Assisted Shrug Pull-ups: Focus on the word SHRUG... I want you to focus on activating those lats before you do anything. So many times the assisted band pull-ups get people now where because they are using a band that is TOO easy and not allowing their muscles to work OR they aren't engaging at the hardest part of the pull-up which is the bottom. So make sure to shrug and pull-up. 

Eccentrics: Eccentric pull-ups are TRULEY where you gain the strength to do the pull-up! Make sure you are starting at the TOP of the bar and slowly going down (about a 10 count) ESPECIALLY go slow at the bottom, again this is the spot that most people are their weakest! 

Jump Up Pull-ups: This is a great movement to help your brain understand what you are trying to do. So you literally use your legs to jump up and get your chin above the bar. 

Anyways! Watch this video so that you know exactly what to do for you pull-up! 

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