A bird pooped on my head 😅

mindset success stories Oct 24, 2022

Yes... you heard that right. I was sitting outside at a cafe, minding my own business, doing some work and all of the sudden I felt a drip drip on my head and shirt. 

I looked up, and there was literally just ONE bird sitting on a ledge above my head. He KNEW what he was doing. 

I posted about this and so many people messaged me saying, "it's good luck" and this got me thinking. Why? Why is it good luck?

What if it is just making light of a seemingly bad situation? 

If we can say that good luck comes for a bird pooping on your head, why not take that same perspective when other bad things happen in life? 🤔🤔

"The primary reason that many cultures believe that it's good luck to have a bird poop on you, is because the chance of this happening is fairly rare. In fact, it's about as rare as a win in the lottery. Therefore, many people who get pooped on, immediately go and buy a lottery ticket.

It has been calculated that in the USA, the chance of getting pooped on by a bird are one in five million." 

No I didn't got buy a lottery ticket. But I definitely had another "wow" moment. Why not always look at these random acts as luck?


My 1:1 Clients literally CRUSHED it this week! Not only conquering 1 Pull-up from zero but making their way up to 2-3 Pull-ups is super exciting. Not to mention that she broke her foot a few weeks ago, so she has been doing all her workouts WHILE recovering from a super frustrating injury! 

My other client Aimee has been SO damn consistent and is starting to notice that she can fit in smaller jeans and feel better! 

THIS is what I love! 

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