Anyone else super tired this week already 😅🙋🏻‍♀️

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2023

Anyone else super tired this week 😅??! 

The past few weeks has been a lot of GO GO GO. Teaching in person events, hosting a 7 Day Free Pull-up Challenge, while launching my speaking career and finalizing and finishing a new program (you can check out new program deets here by taking this quiz)

I guess today, it just really all caught up to me. Sometimes I feel like a machine, other days I just want to curl up in a ball and watch Netflix all day 😅

But I didn't. Instead, I moved slowly, I took a moment to say out loud ALL the things I am grateful for and I started to utilize my team and ask for help, which I am horrible at. Because truthfully, I cannot do everything and not turn into a zombie haha. 

The 7 Day Pull-up Challengers crushed it! It was cool to see everyone on the Zoom call and they all realized, "damn...I showed up for myself for a few weeks AND saw progress!" Some doubled their strength test numbers, others finally got a bend in the elbow for their pull-up it was glorious. I LOVE IT.

I also taught an in person workshop which was awesome! I love being hands on with everyone and teaching them all my secrets to conquering a pull-up! 

If you want to watch my speaking reel, check it out here!

1:1 Coaching

I'm excited to welcome TWO new 1:1 clients to start this week: Amy and Madeline! We are doing our initial 45 minute consult so that I can customize a program for them! If you are interested in 1:1 coaching, you can apply here

Free things that ROCK

FREE 7 Day Pull-up Challenge

I will walk you through 7 Days of programming. This will take you about 15min each day. You'll learn my three step process that has helped over 500+ women conquer their first pull-up! Click here to join

 Never Miss a Monday FREE Workouts 

Click here to sign up! 

✅ New Community:

We will be moving OFF Facebook! I have been blocked from it and it’s time to create a NEW space for us all at Mighty Networks. Click here to join!

These are a few of my favorite things

These are some things that have greatly impacted my life or that I use daily!

Pull-up Bar, Bands, Liquid Chalk 

I keep getting asked about the equipment I use for pull-up! My at home bar is affordable, easy to use and sturdy! I also have a great recommendation for Assisted Pull-up Bands & Liquid Chalk! 

You can Check them out by Clicking here

Slate Choclate Milk! 

Super pumped to be an OFFICIAL Partner with SlateMilk and SlateMilk Athlete! What is Slate? It's ultra-filtered lactose free Milk! The creators of this company LOVED chocolate milk (as do I), but they kept getting frustrated with how gross the ingredients where and they were also lactose and tolerant! Slate is ultra-filtered AND has 20g of protein! It literally so freaking good ! Check them out below!

The Mountain is YOU! 

I am obsessed with this book! All about self sabotage and how to conquer it! It's an easy read! 

Get the Book HERE 

Water Filter System 

Tap water has so many contaminates in it! I keep having to lug heavy gallons of water up three flights of stairs in my apartment before I finally invested in this filter! It's super cute, easy to use, affordable, and the filters last 6 months to a year 

Check out Filter HERE (I think its on Sale)

TOE Spacers 

I have Bunions...gross right? These toe spacers are great! I wear them every morning to help keep my toes in alignment and prevent and other issues! Its basically like a retainer for your toes! 

Get ya Some Toe Spacers

Code: ANGELA393



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