Warrior Spotlight: Becky

success stories Jul 21, 2022

“I needed somebody who has a plan that could give me structure that I could look at and be consistent with.”

I’m super excited to be celebrating Becky today! I met her at a convention in Seattle and she had expressed interest in getting a pull-up so I invited her to join my Pull-Up Revolution program. In 30 days, she went from 0-2 unassisted pull-ups through the Pull-Up Revolution program!

Dr. Becky Rucker is a physical therapist and owner of Physio Movement Performance, but she had always wanted to learn a pull-up. For so long, she was just doing pull-ups with a band, but what she realized through the program is that a pull-up is not just an upper-body exercise… it is a FULL BODY movement. It’s your shoulders, your core, your glutes, you name it. Bands are great for feeling the movement of the pull-up, but they don’t do much for you to learn how to do your pull-up without you. 

Becky loved the structured plan of the program and that it was challenging, but that challenge proved to her that she could get through those challenging workouts and be stronger for it at the end. She also learned to feel and activate her lats in a way she never knew how to do before. The hardest part for people, particularly women, is understanding how to activate and pull with your lats. 

Not only did Becky conquer that pull-up, but she improved in all areas of her strength test: she was able to get her mile run time down and do more push-ups. She also increased the muscle tone in her arms. Most of all, mentally, knowing she was able to do it and achieve her goal changed so many areas of her life. Becky is 47, and this program helped her understand that regardless of your age, you CAN learn a pull-up.

“It shows you that your body can persevere through those challenging workouts and come out stronger in the end.”


Check out her going from 0 -2 pull-ups here! 






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