Everything you need to know about Breakdancers

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

Everything you need to know about Breakdancers 

Want to learn a new dance move?! Well breakdancers, sit-throughs, flow throughs whatever you want to call them are a GREAT fun full-body movement to add into your workout and also even show off at a dancer party! 


The Form

  • Start in a bear hold position, back is flat, knees  are hovering over the ground 
  • Bring your leg through the opening that the opposite leg and arm have and lift up the opposite arm 
  • Swing through and go back to your starting position 

Damn this move is hard to explain in words so make sure you watch the full video! 

The Drills

1-Bear Hold 

2-Bear single arm and single leg lifts 

3-Bear Hold Mini-Twist 

4-Bear Hold Tap Leg Through 


Do the DRILLS and get comfortable with them before moving onto the movement!

It will help you to feel more comfortable and save a lot of frustration.


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