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core Jul 18, 2022


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 Day 1: Deadbug

The Deadbug, this seemingly simple movement is a GAME changer to get the strong core you are looking for?! Why is that? This movement pushes you to keep your core engaged WHILE moving your arms and legs, which is so important. If you can do this, it translates into everyday life movements.


So Today we will go over how to do the deadbug and give ya a challenge to try with some different variations


Step 1: Lay down on you back, inhale, squeeze your butt exhale making sure that cave in your back disappears


Step 2: Keep that core engaged while moving opposite arms and legs


Today’s Challenge

30seconds Deadbug Hold


10 (each side) Same Side Deadbug Extensions stay on one side then shift to the other


10 (each side) Opposite Arm Opposite Legs Extensions Stay on one side Switch to the other

30 seconds Deadbug Alternating

Repeat x 2 TOTAL


Completed take a picture and tag @angela_gargano and @strongfeelsgood_ put on your stories



  • You can have a friend put their hand behind your back to push it down. You can also put a band behind your back to keep it down to make sure you are actually staying engaged
  • Make sure your head stays on the ground and that your elbow stays STRAIGHT (I see this mistake all the time)
  • This is NOT supposed to be FAST…SLOW IT DOWN…
  • After you exhale….you should go back to your normal breath and not be like turning red and dying Stay Tuned for Day 2 of this Challenge!


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