Core Challenge Day 2 | The Bear Hold

core Jul 18, 2022
🥳 30 Day Core Revolution Challenge:

Day 2: Bear Hold


So if you watched my last video we reviewed the “deadbug” which has us laying on your back. Now we are going to go into something called a bear hold, which basically flips that deadbug around into what some call an “alive bug” Just like the Deadbug, this might “look” easy but it’s not if you are doing it correctly you should feel this through your entire body. 


Step 1: Table top position (deadbug flipped around) hip aligned with knee, should aligned with wrist. Inhale, exhale squeeze but 


Step 2: Make sure your hands are grabbing on and turning the ground kinda like you are opening a jar of jelly feeling. Back should be flat and like you would be able to hold glass of water on your back. 


Step 3: Now that you have that down you can hoover your knees above the ground push your knees out and HOLD 


Today’s Challenge:


20second Table Top Hold 

10second Rest 

20second Opposite Arm & Leg Extensions 

10second Rest 

20second Bear Hold 

10second Alternating Hand and foot lifts 



Repeat x 4 



Make sure to keep your back flat and don't lose form as you start moving. Form OVER everything always. 

This is very WRIST heavy…so make sure you warm-up those wrist before you do this especially if you feel like you get wrist pain easily.


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