Everything you need to know about Deadlifts!

deadlifts how to tutorials Apr 27, 2021

Everything you need to know about Deadlifts


I personally wish I found deadlifts sooner...for the longest time I was always ONLY squatting...which lead to my body being SUPER Quad dominate, later this turned into an imbalance that would lead to me tearing my ACL… 

But anyways!

Let’s talk about FORM

(Reminder I am going over the classic deadlift there are other types of deadlifts you can do)

  • Feet hip widths apart toes are parallel 
  • Hands shoulder width apart if on barbell or broom 
  • Lock out your lats…yes your arms are NOT just hanging out there! Some people refer to this as putting your “seat belt” on to protect the low back (Watch video I specifically go over what this means)
  • Booty Pop your butt back meaning hips back first
  • Slide barbell down the fronts of your thighs...like literally..you should feel it against your thighs as you slide down
  • You will have a slight bend when you get past your knees remember its NOT a squat
  • Keep you gaze forward and head neutral...remember pretend you have a ball between your chin and chest
  • Back should also remain neutral the whole time
  • Pull back up to a straight position 

You should be feeling the deadlift in the BACK of your legs NOT in your lowback! 

IF you feel like you feeling it there then you might want to decrease that weight and focus on form  before adding load (meaning weight) 


Anyways the above is WAYYY easier said than done so let’s try some drills:

  • The Karate CHOP: Putting your hand in your hip crease and bending until it disappears (Video explains this motion in full)
  • Da Broome behind your back: Putting a Broome behind your back and leaning forward making sure that your body stays against it the whole time! Helps teach the form of not arching or rounding spine. 

Anyways! I hope this was helpful!

If you are:

  • Active but not sure about what to do with your workouts how to see results 
  • Not active and ready to get back in shape again ?! 


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