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Uncategorized Dec 06, 2022

I had to do A LOT of adulting last know, the pile of papers you have from the mail, the tedious stuff like renewing your insurance, paying tolls, random bills...

 It's not glamorous, but it's reality. I did a lot of that last week and it feels so good to have it all done. 

 I am also currently looking for new apartments!  I've moved literally every year or I've been nomadic so I am excited to get this next place and stay for a long while! 

 Lastly! Took a trip out to Friedrickburg in Texas!! Its a CUTE little town with tons of character! Lots of great German Restaurants and all the Xmas themes!

In other random news, each Monday I am going to be giving you a FREE Workout every Monday! All you have to do is click play! This way you at least have ONE workout that you can commit to getting done and NEVER Miss a Monday. Click here to register to get the free workouts!

1:1 Coaching

I was BLOWN away by my clients results in 30 Days!! So much so that I literally teared up! Both these ladies came into coaching just wanting to get ONE single pull-up and both left with 4-5 pull-ups! I'm super proud of you Karen & Jamie!  

I also helped my client Rhonda get 3k Speaking gig, helped her with a website problem her developers couldn't figure out and we are crushing her monthly newsletter! 

I’m opening 5 more spots! I'm raising my prices in 2023. I don’t offer discounts on coaching BUT for December I am doing something special

I am going to send who ever sign-ups a FREE Gift Package will ALL my favorite things (Strong Feels Good Merch, My favorite supplements, books etc)

First step is to Apply, IF I feel like we are good fit I will set-up a free 1:1 consultation call. After you sign up (you will be at 2022 rate) I will get together a gift package before we start.

Please note: You do not HAVE to start the 1:1 in December! The holiday season is crazy, but you sign up now you CAN start in 2023!

Click here to apply!


Free things that ROCK

 Never Miss a Monday FREE Workouts 

Click here to sign up! 

✅ New Community:

We will be moving OFF Facebook! I have been blocked from it and it’s time to create a NEW space for us all at Mighty Networks. Click here to join!

These are a few of my favorite things

These are some things that have greatly impacted my life or that I use daily!

The Mountain is YOU! 

I am obsessed with this book! All about self sabotage and how to conquer it! It's an easy read! 

Get the Book HERE 

Water Filter System 

Tap water has so many contaminates in it! I keep having to lug heavy gallons of water up three flights of stairs in my apartment before I finally invested in this filter! It's super cute, easy to use, affordable, and the filters last 6 months to a year 

Check out Filter HERE (I think its on Sale)

TOE Spacers 

I have Bunions...gross right? These toe spacers are great! I wear them every morning to help keep my toes in alignment and prevent and other issues! Its basically like a retainer for your toes! 

Get ya Some Toe Spacers

Code: ANGELA393




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