Happiness is not always what you think

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2022

I wanted to take some time today to talk about the definition of happiness. 

Personally, I always thought if I hit a certain number of sales in my business, got on the cover of a magazine or had the perfect boyfriend that I would feel “happy” because I feel successful.

But it wasn’t.

Even after I hit some of those milestones, I still felt alone and sad, because I wasn’t happy during the process. And I was even more sad when I realized that those things wouldn’t change the way I felt about myself.

It’s like that saying “xi” I know a lot of you might be like “Angela… having abs will ABSOLUTELY make me happy.

But the HARD truth is that you won’t be.

Happiness is learning to be happy where you are right in this moment; the imperfections, the good the bad.

Only when you have that, will you be happy.

Last week, I could have felt sad because the holidays typically aren’t great for me. I got broken up during a friendsgiving multiple times (If my friends are on this email list, they know exactly when this happened), my ex boyfriend from college overdosed during this time, things always felt chaotic because my dad was a drinker, so naturally, things normally turned south or into some kind of drama.

So for me, I thought happiness would be not having any of those moments.

This year I decided to let go of how I felt and just be in the moment. What’s interesting is my body felt weird... this year, there was no drama. Normally, I felt like I was in fight or flight mode at this time of year, so the calm felt unfamiliar and unusual. I was almost waiting for something bad to happen. But I took a deep breath and I said to myself…”What if everything goes right?”  What if this year the cycle is broken and things are good?

This year  I spent Thanksgiving volunteering and GIVING back to those in need with wanting nothing in return. The guy I like invited me to friendsgiving and I even got to meet his parents. I spent Thanksgiving with new friends and even got a note on my plate that said “trust”. It was as if the universe was saying, "Angela, breathe, trust, there doesn’t need to be chaos, and you are in fact…happy."

 I think it’s because I learned to be happy with whatever it was. I didn’t set expectations.

As many of you see on my instagram, I am reading the book the Mountain is You and this quote really stuck out to me:

“True happiness is embracing the little joys in life. The sunrise on a warm summer morning, your cup of coffee, or an amazing book. It’s being grateful not only for when big things happen, but also for the small satisfactions that you can find everyday”

Real joy is finding happiness where you are and how you are. 

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