How to get your first Pull-up (Female Friendly)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

So you are ready to conquer your first ever pull-up. Maybe you aren't sure where to start? Maybe you have tried them in the past...but you got fed up because the drills you found online just where not working. tried the assisted pull-up bands or assisted pull-up machines but then when you tried to do them from a dead hang...nadda...nothing..

I get it. My clients would always come to me with a goal of getting their pull-ups. So I started to do some research and realized that there really is nothing out there that really takes you through it step by step. Yes, they may give you the generic moves you see in every instagram post. But there is SOO much more involved in a pull-up. 

So here I will take you through a method that has helped over 500 women crush their pull-up. Three main components we work with are mobility, stability & strength. 



What exactly is mobility? For a pull-up it's not ONLY being able to raise your hands over your head but ALSO to be able to FUNCTION properly in this position so that you can pull yourself up! What a lot of people find surprising is that just by working on your mobility it can dramatically increase the speed of you getting that first pull-up or connecting pull-ups! A few drills that you can do are the thoracic stretch, halos & just hanging. 


It's SO important that since we are putting our full body weight hanging from a bar that we get those shoulders to be nice and stable. To put it bluntly, there is a LOT of shit going on in our shoulders so it's important to prep them. Some Stability moves you can do include shoulder taps, scapular push-ups, hanging shoulder shrugs:


Last but not least you need to build up the strength to do the pull-up! There are SOOO many exercises in order to do this but I wanted to give you THREE here...and they might surprise you because they aren't all upper-body. And that's because pull-ups are a FULL-Body Movement. So three moves to start doing are hollow holds, glutes bridges & eccentric pull-ups 


Added bonus: Another drill I just LOVE LOVE LOVE is the mobility stick pull-downs. You can do this with a mobility stick or a Broom! The idea here is to pretend like you are going to break the stick before you pull it down! 






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