I am uncomfortable during holidays 🙋🏻‍♀️

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2022

Today I want to give you a reminder that it’s OKAY if...

👉🏻 You didn’t get your workouts in

👉🏻 Your routine is completely out of whack (I know mine is)

👉🏻You’re “behind” on your normal stuff

👉🏻You didn’t eat “healthy” and maybe ate more than normal

That’s what happens during the holiday season. It’s okay and it’s also temporary. The holiday season does not last forever!

It’s honestly good for our body to be “out of routine” sometimes, it’s okay to take a break from it all. 

I had to remind myself of this when I started to beat myself up for not keeping on top of my “Non-Negotiables” that I do everyday.

I reminded myself that just like if I eat a handful of cookies one day, and I think my body will completely transform and I will lose ALL my progress because of that ONE cookie moment... or two…

The reality is that nothing changed. I was fine. And those cookies made me feel good so why shouldn’t I enjoy them?

So just like the cookies, not journaling or meditating for a day or two will not change the progress I made from being consistent this year.

 BUT... I did realize WHY I love it so much and remembered why it’s important to me.

You see, the holidays for me are uncomfortable. And maybe you feel the same. Maybe you don't. When I come back home, I was grateful for my mom’s health and my amazing step-dad. BUT they definitely live very different from me, mindset wise. I also feel uncomfortable “getting gifts.” I love GIVING gifts but I have always had a hard time getting them (even though I do appreciate them especially when someone puts thought into it) 

I see the world of possibilities

I don’t live in the past or talk about past drama with family or from high school

I also am very strict with my boundaries, which can be uncomfortable because in a way I feel like because I am firm and that I am disappointing their expectations of me.

I don’t talk to my brother or father. After years of chaos and unhealthy relationships, I decided that for my own well being, I needed to step away. I know, some may not agree with my belief system on that because they say you need to stick with your blood family even if they are toxic.

But the truth is...

I show up better without them in my life.

I have truly an amazing friend group in Austin that feels like home and family. They actually genuinely care for me and I care for them also.

I am finally in a healthy relationship with someone who genuinely cares about me and WE care about each other (yes, I finally have a boyfriend!)

I am sharing this because this Christmas, because my mom was sick this year, I agreed to be here when my brother was. She was trying to force the reconnect. She put my dad on speaker phone and tried to force that reconnect also. 

While I love her, and I get she just wants us all to get along, I had to stick to firm to my belief and protect myself and energy. If I am ever ready to open those doors again I will.

But yes, it was an uncomfortable holiday for me, it was tough, but I am making it out the other side.

So I guess this email has turned into a reminder to protect your energy (even if you feel like you are disappointing others) and to not feel bad if things are a bit “off" during this season. It’s totally okay to take a break ;).

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