I'm moving again 😅

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

Yes, it’s true. If you’ve been on this adventure with me for awhile you’ve known that I have literally been ALL over haha, but Austin is definitely where I want to stay!

So I wanted to take today to go through a quick recap of well...life. It’s been a journey!


1990-2008: Byram, New Jersey

Where I was born, the only thing that is known there is a place called Wild West City. While I am a “Jersey Girl” I didn’t live by anywhere that was very Jersey. Not in a city, not by the shore, I literally was in the woods right near Pennsylvania

2008-2018: Rhode Island

I moved to Rhode Island to go to school for Biological Chemistry (I have a degree in that), I think stayed and worked at Brown University, Followed by a pharmaceutical company named Genzyme. When I quit…I was working at a Gymnastics Gym Called Dream Big Gymnastics and started training the adults of the parents of the gymnastics students! One thing lead to another and I wound up opening my own gym Called AGAthletics 

2018-2019: New Jersey

The in-between of shutting down my gym was tough! The non-glamourous side of. Business is putting all your money into something being in thousands of dollars in debt. It takes time to “make” money for business, so don’t be fooled. So I headed to NJ for a year to live in my dads basement lol. Again not glamorous. I took advantage of living rent free and trained into the city every morning 4am to learn from the best of the best

2019-2020: NYC

I got my shit together, created a solid business, starting making six figures teaching pull-ups and training online, brand deals, booking modeling gigs! Worked at an up and coming gym in the city. Got approved for an Apartment in the city (which isn’t easy) 

2020-2021: NYC/NJ (again)

Pandemic hit! I stuck it out in the city for half of the year and it was an EXPERIENCE. Seeing the empty city streets, banging on pots and pans at 5pm each night to celebrate the nurses, building up my business in my small studio apartment and teaching millions of people from all over the world on Womens Health.

I realized I could get out of the apartment and live closer to my mom in NJ, save money, so I got an apartment in NJ close to her, in an area I didn’t love BUT had more room to breathe

 2021-2022: Nomadic

Sold everything on Facebook market place and began my journey to travel cross country. Lived with TWO Guys in Colorado for awhile and continued tons of adventures.

 2022-2023: Austin

 During the Pandemic and my Nomadic days I would go to Austin to workout at Onnit. Get Airbnb’s to live more normal life, each time I came here I kept extending my stays. So finally literally ON New Years 2022…I said fuck it..this is HOME. I got an appartment in a day, had no furniture for probably a month.

2023: Austin

I found my Home location and now I wanted to be right next to the water. It brings me peace, clarity. I found a spot RIGHT next to the spot I run and meditate on the dock each morning. My next goal is to stay there BUT in the next few years look for a home and be grounded

 I'm sharing this because I think the messy parts are the most beautiful parts of life. Through all those years and places I lived I found myself. I learned a lot and I think the most important thing for me…was I took a LOT of chances. Things were uncomfortable, but all leading to where I am at this very moment.

 Feel free to reply and tell me about YOUR journeys! I would love to know about any adventures you had!

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