I suck at drinking water. Anyone else?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Seriously, I am not one of those people who feel thirsty, and I can go the entire day not drinking water and then I wonder to myself, "why the hell do I have low energy and feel like shit?"

So here are a few things I have been doing to stay hydrated. Maybe these tips will help you too!

Drinking TWO Glasses of water in the morning

This is my NO-BS approach to make sure you get SOME water in because let’s face it, something is better than nothing!

Carrying a jug around with me

I used to be that girl carrying around a plastic milk jug water bottle, and it was SO annoying to carry it around, so I knew if I drank it, then I wouldn’t have to carry it anymore! I now have upgraded to this super cute jug that has motivational lines on it. I can refill it with my own filtered water, saving me money, saving the environment and all the things. Here’s a link to the flask if you want to grab one from amazon.

Link: https://a.co/8Uq3ZeJ 

Getting a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This has truly been a game changer. I refuse to drink tap water… and not because I am a brat but because I am aware of contaminates that can be in it. I was buying jugs of water from Target each week and having to carry them up THREE flights of stairs to my apartment. I finally decided it was time to get a water filter to sit on my counter! I found this AquaTru Filter, and it's super cute. You fill the back with tap water and it filters through into a cute pitcher. I keep one pitcher in fridge and one on counter. It's so worth it! It saves me so much time and money AND the filter last 6 months to 1 year. 

 Link: https://aquatruwater.com/?oid2=50&affid2=3374&c=angelagarganofitness

Using LMNT AKA Electrolytes in my water 

While water is great, it a lot of times is contaminated and doesn’t have the minerals we need. Additionally, the filter above filters out literally everything good and bad, so, you need to add minerals back in the water. I like LMNT because it’s straight up the minerals, no added sugar, no weird ingredients just exactly what you need. The reason we need these minerals is because when we sweat, we sweat out sodium, in order to keep hydrated and feeling good we need to replenish those minerals. If you use my link you can get a free sample pack with your order

 Link: DrinkLMNT.com/AngelaGargano

 The above  are all things I actually use each day and have been a huge help in my life to feeling better and staying hydrated. Hope they help you too! 

 Quotes I love right now:

 “True Happiness is embracing the little joys in life; the sunrise on a warm summer morning, your cup of coffee, or an amazing book. It’s being grateful not only for when BIG things happen, but also for the small satisfactions that you can find everyday.”

“Real joy is finding happiness where you are and how you are”


Client Wins

Lots of WINS this week from my 1:1 Clients 

Angela R is CRUSHING her protein goals! The goal is to get at least 100g a Day! So about 30-40g per meal! All we did was add a little to each meal she is already having, small steps! 

✅ Rhonda R: I coach her for business this week we finalize some emails for her gardening guide! AND she got asked to do a speaking gig so we worked on negotiating and finalizing 


The above is a message from my client Jaime! EACH week for all of my 1:1 Clients, I send them a video reviewing their week prior AND explaining their new workouts for the week! It definitely helps to pump each person up for the week and see that I am IN it as much as they are ! 

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