If you're not living your life by design, you're living it by default

mindset ninja Oct 17, 2022

It's been a busy few weeks. I had a week home in Austin and then I got asked to speak at a men's group in Saint George, Utah. 

This was my first paid speaking gig since the pandemic. I was so damn excited to get on stage, share my story and provide value to a group of over 60 men. 

I flew to Vegas and had to be driven 2 hours to Utah, passing 3 time zones! (Nevada, Arizona then Utah.) 

When I arrived, the guys where all doing ice baths and activities to work on themselves to make them better men/humans. 

We then got to the house where I would be speaking. 

I was definitely nervous, even though I was prepared. And when I got up there, my mouth immediately became dry as I started the talk. 

I started off with some questions and then lead into talking about my story on how I became an "accidental ninja" 

I honestly didn't even know what the show Ninja Warrior was when I tried out, I just had someone pushing me to try out because they had this insane belief in me. 

After getting the call back and learning how to "Ninja" I found 5 Fundamentals that helped a ton:

  1. Hang: Literally if you want to be a good ninja (or even learn to do pull-ups) your first step is to literally just hang
  2. It's all in the Hips: Most people try and muscle Ninja but a lot of the obstacles have less to do about your upper-body and more to do with technique and using your body to help you float from obstacle to obstacle 
  3. Balance Sucks: Literally the nemesis for most Ninjas is the balance obstacles, these are very specific precise moves 
  4. Don't run into the wall, run UP the wall: For the warped wall so many people want to run straight into it, instead of running up 
  5. Your hands will rip, keep going: With ninja, your hands and grip strength are major parts of it all and they will hurt, but don't let that stop you, it gets better. 

After walking through all the physical things you need to "ninja," I then talked about the real invisible Ninja Obstacle that no one talks about: 

  1. Your mind 
  2. Skipping the "little things" 

When I tore my ACL, I was the strongest I had ever been on the course, BUT I was tying my entire worth and Identity to being a Ninja, when I am actually much more than that. And so are YOU! Maybe you tie your worth to your business, or being a good parent, or your work... but we are MORE than that.  

I was also ignoring the little things because I felt like I was too good for it; skipping warm-ups, and not working on basic movements to have a strong foundation.

So while tearing my ACL totally sucked, it was the wake-up call I needed to grow into a better version of myself and not be tied  being an athlete as my identity.

I also realized that just because something happens to you does not mean that has to be the end. YOU and I ultimately control our lives. 


"If you're not living your life by design, you are living it by default."  - Jodie Cook 

YOU get to decide, no on else. How do YOU want to live your life? 

Start asking yourself this, start thinking bout it each day. 

Some upcoming things:

  • 1:1 Coaching: I have TWO more spots left and I am seeing tremendous progress in the people I am working with! Apply to see if it's a good fit
  • Speaking & Events: Going in on doing more speaking and events to share my story! If you know any event you think I would be good for or a podcast, let me know! 
  • Book Writing: I am hyped to bring this book I have been writing to you call coming in 2023
  • Pull-up Program: We are doing a full revamp of the do it yourself program so keep your eyes peeled!


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