Hey Crew! Welcome to our very FIRST Warrior of the Week.

This week, we are featuring the AMAZING Kimba!

Kimba is 61 years old and is originally from Cape Cod, MA. She lived in NYC for 21 years working as an actress and model, but now she lives in Naples, FL and works as a personal trainer and pilates instructor.

Yes, sometimes personal trainers need personal trainers too.

When Kimba joined my Full Body Revolution program in June, she realized just how deconditioned she was. She started lifting 10lb dumbbells, and has worked her way up to 15 and 17.5lbs. Kimba was also able to get her first pull-up at the age of 61!

She's learned how to make time for her workouts, and listen to her body. The SFG community has helped keep her accountable and always feel support, both from the other members and from Angela! Kimba truly started seeing her biggest changes, strength-wise, after joining the VIP program.

Kimba's goals are to add cardio, and to keep going with her program.

How has Kimba transformed through these programs? Mentally, the training programs have helped her believe that she is important and that she needs to be consistent. Physically, she has gained muscle in her upper body, and totally feels stronger. 

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