Trainer Tips: Stop making these mistakes in your Core Workouts

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

3 Mistakes that I see ALL the time in Core Workouts that could be hindering your progress and even leading to some back & neck pain. 


#1 Putting your Hands Behind your Butt/Back 

So many people do this because they have back pain when doing this movement...but what they don't realize is that by putting your hands behind your back you are completely negating using your core AND that if you were having back pain during this movement it's better for you to REGRESS the movement to heel taps so that you can learn to engage the core properly. 


#2 Pulling your Neck Forward instead of to the ceiling when doing the classic Crunch 

You want to pretend like there is a string attached to your nose and it is pulling you UP not forward. You also should not be PULLING on your neck while doing this, your hands are simply allowing your neck a place to stay and live 

#3 The Plank Hip Tap 

So many times I see people legit just rolling their body on the floor with this move with zero control SLOW it DOWN hit the plank in the middle each time and you DON'T need to actually hit your hip to the ground, do it where you can keep in control. 


0:00 Introduction 

00:42 #1 Putting your Hands Behind your Butt 

03:43 #2 Not doing the classic "Crunch" properly

05:11 #3 The Plank Hip Tap 




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