You CAN do it all... but not right now 😅😨

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2023

Just do one thing at a time. Someone once told me something very very important. They said, "You can do it all, but not right now."

And that really stuck with me. I personally get caught up with always thinking of the next thing, the things I need/want to do in the future. But you can't do it ALL at the same time in order to do it well. So what do you do with all these other thoughts and things?

You put it in the parking lot. 

The parking lot is a place you will put these thoughts to place them on HOLD as you focus on your current thing. They aren't going away. You still will have time to do them BUT you will do them once you have the space to really do it. 

For me personally, I had to park writing my book this month so that I could focus on finishing my NEW Pull-up Revolution Program. It was really ambitious to finish not one, not two but THREE programs at once! 

On the front end, you will see this amazing program, videos, programming. But the back end is hours, weeks of hard work, fine tuning the programing, creating the PDFs, recording and editing all the videos, and setting it all up. 

So while I am stressed that the book is on hold, I also know that parking it will allow THIS project to be incredible AND the book will still be there to finish when I am done. 

What are you placing in the parking lot or working on right now? Feel free to tell me. 


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1:1 Coaching

This week all my 1:1 clients are crushing it! My two NEW 1:1 clients had their 45 minute call where I did a full evaluation with them, walked through their goals and set up a plan personally for them, working around any other fitness classes they may be taking, mindfulness and more! My 1:1 Business clients are crushing creating their lead magnets, going viral on IG and so much more! I truly feel so grateful for each one of them! 

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The Mountain is YOU! 

I am obsessed with this book! All about self sabotage and how to conquer it! It's an easy read! 

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Water Filter System 

Tap water has so many contaminates in it! I keep having to lug heavy gallons of water up three flights of stairs in my apartment before I finally invested in this filter! It's super cute, easy to use, affordable, and the filters last 6 months to a year 

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TOE Spacers 

I have Bunions...gross right? These toe spacers are great! I wear them every morning to help keep my toes in alignment and prevent and other issues! Its basically like a retainer for your toes! 

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