You're not going to be your best every day... and that's okay!

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2023

Hate to break it to ya… you’re not gonna be your best every day, and that’s okay!

I’ve had a lot of clients getting down of themselves for NOT hitting their personal best each week.

I GET how frustrating that can be, especially when you HAVE been showing up each day and putting in the work!

A few things I want you to consider BEFORE beating yourself up too much:

  1. SLEEP: You need be sleeping! You can get away without enough sleep for a few days…until you can’t. Your body needs this to recover and function properly, so stop overlooking it! I personally have been using the Oura Ring to help me track this AND I take this awesome Magnesium complex that helps aid recovery and sleep before bed .
  2. RECOVERY: Are you actually giving your body enough time to recover between workouts?More isn’t always better. Your muscles need time to heal properly.
  3. HORMONES: Is it that time of month? Or close to it? Your body is going through A LOT so give yourself grace! I also use Natural Cycle to track my cycle so when I am feeling off, I'm more clear as to why!
  4. STRESS: Stress in all aspects of life raise cortosiol levels in our body and that can have a HUGE effect on our workouts.
  5. EATING: Are you eating and getting 30-40g of protein in per meal? For women especially, as we get older, this is IMPERATIVE! I personally was struggling with this the past few weeks so I made it a POINT to set an alarm and make sure I am eating each day

Remember the real win is just showing up every day. I am sure you are MUCH stronger than you were on Day 1!

Personal Life

This weekend I picked up my friend Liz Plosser from the airport! It was great to really HANG with her in real life! We used to do sessions super early in the morning in NYC and although I was technically training her each morning, it seriously filled MY cup working with her, especially during a time in my life when I was uncertain about what specifically I was doing.

Last time we worked out in person together was right when the pandemic happened. I went to her house to in Brooklyn and I remember us training outside on a park bench. We were uncertain of what was next… we had no idea that the next 2-3 years would would be super different for BOTH of us!

I picked her up and it was just like old times. We headed to my FAVORITE gym in Austin, SquatchFrontier Fitness, where my friend Noah (thanks Noah) had an ice bath set-up for us to do an interview in the cold… literally!

It was epic! Then we went to do some pull-ups and it was legit AMAZING to see her cranking out 10 WITH me with no problem after she started off with just ONE year ago. EVERYONE (yes, even ALL the guys) at the gym STOPPED in their tracks and watched as we cranked these pull-ups out and it was awesome! You can watch the video here.

Next we rushed over to Black Swan Yoga to get a flow in!

The day was amazing, I felt so inspired, fired up and I am so grateful for her! She is such an inspiration.

The rest of the weekend was filled with South by Southwest Events, which are GREAT but super draining. I met SO many amazing people but I had a hard time STAYING present because my mind was thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing… like working.

This is something I really want to work on. I have this feeling that if I am NOT working that I am doing something wrong and that everything will fall apart. But truthfully, I got into this line of work so that I COULD be present and LIVE… so I need to find a better MIND balance with work and being present.

Sometimes I think HOW….

How am I supposed to:

  • Do all the adulting things (pay bills, clean house, be on top of taxes)
  • Be a Good Girlfriend
  • Show up for my friends and mom
  • Show up as my full self each day
  • Make sure all the clients feel ALL the love and care
  • Make sure the thousands of people who look up to me get what THEY need and feel supported
  • Make money in the process (we need that to live)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go after all my crazy dreams….

I put so much pressure on myself to be my best self, but how does one truly do it all? It feels impossible at times. Especially in my brain.

But just like what I said abov, you may not be 100% at everything all the time and that is OKAY.

Summer Shred Group Coaching

I've had a influx of 1:1 Coaching applications! And while I would LOVE to train each and everyone of you, I only coach a few women at a time to make sure they get everything they need! So I decided to open up spots to a Small Group Coaching Program! H

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✅ Initial and Final GROUP calls! We will kick-off the program TOGETHER. I will set the tone of the series, my expectations of YOU, what you should expect from me and more

✅ Bi-Weekly Workouts via Zoom. This was SUPER beneficial for my 1:1 Clients, we will have a set time and day to do a class together and it WILL be recorded in case you can't att end live!

✅ Weekly Form Corrections as Needed

And even more surprises!

We also will have the option to add on Nutrition. Nutrition is a WHOLE other animal, so I have a nutrition coach ready to help you track your meals with MyFitnessPal, track your calories or macros (depending on what works best for you) and make weekly tweaks. YOU have to be willing to track your food to do this. She will also do Bi-Weekly Nutrition Calls on the weeks we don't have workouts.

I am limiting the number of ladies that join this Small Group Training Series. So IF you are interested PLEASE apply below and spots will be filled with a first come first serve basis! Once I review and feel like we are a good fit, we will set-up a 15 minute FREE call to chat in more depth about your goals!

IF you have any addition questions, email us at [email protected]

Oh and it will be Starting on March 26th!

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