How you do one thing is how you do everything

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2023

This weekend as packed with so many incredible moments. At first, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything happening…

But I took a moment to breathe and really BE in each moment.


I got to see my 1:1 client Rhonda who runs @southernhomeandfarm, a beautiful instagram account that is all about gardening, design, etc. I helped her lock down a speaking event at the Home & Garden Expo in Austin! So I came to film her, support her, and I got to meet her family! It was awesome to see her in element on stage and she completely crushed it! Go Rhonda!

Then Friday night my boyfriend set up a surprise date night. To be honest, I thought we were gonna do some kind of activity!  When I met up with him, he could tell I was flustered with everything going on and needed a second to reconnect. So he told me we were going to eye gaze for 3 minutes before we head out.

Have you eye gazed before? Because damn it feels awkward and it forces you to slow down breath and come back to the moment. After the 3 minutes I felt so much more “there."

We then drove to a Korean BBQ spot that is supposed to be one of the best in Texas, as we headed to our table, they took us to a big room and I was super confused.

When the door was opened to my surprise was ALL of my amazing friends that I had so many great moments with here in Austin. Each person made a huge impact on my life and I was blown away with how thoughtful the surprise was and that everyone came together.



 I felt so cared about, so lucky, and SO grateful (OMG am I crying while I write this…maybe 😉)


The weekend didn’t end there! On Saturday,  I was asked to teach at and event in Austin. I was nervous. I teach online a lot now and I wanted to make it epic for anyone who came to my class! It was awesome a huge group of people and I felt even more grateful for each person in that class and the opportunity to get to do something so amazing for my career.


We kicked off the Free 7 Day Pull-up Challenge with a Workshop! There were people from ALL over the world on this kick-off call and hundreds of people have signed up! You can still join the challenge here!

I put my heart and soul into everything I do: Friendships, Relationships, Classes, Workshops.

The saying, “How you do one thing is how you do everything” is 100% true for me.

With all these amazing things, reminding myself to stay present instead of obsessing over perfection was an extremely important reminder.

1:1 Coaching

So many great wins this week with my 1:1 clients asusual! My new client Amber is working on her online business, so we are already getting the ball rolling on her free guide and cleaning up her website! My client Jaime hit another PR of 6 TOWEL PULL-UPS! (she started at zero pull-ups) and she did this even after throwing her back out early in the week while she was sitting at her desk (I swear thats always how this happens)

If you are interested in 1:1 coaching, you can apply here! If a spot becomes available I will get back to you personally to set-up a 1:1 call!  

Free things that ROCK

FREE 7 Day Pull-up Challenge (Starts Jan 8th)

I will walk you through 7 Days of programming. This will take you about 15min each day. You'll learn my three step process that has helped over 500+ women conquer their first pull-up! Click here to join

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✅ New Community:

We will be moving OFF Facebook! I have been blocked from it and it’s time to create a NEW space for us all at Mighty Networks. Click here to join!

These are a few of my favorite things

These are some things that have greatly impacted my life or that I use daily!

Pull-up Bar, Bands, Liquid Chalk 

I keep getting asked about the equipment I use for pull-up! My at home bar is affordable, easy to use and sturdy! I also have a great recommendation for Assisted Pull-up Bands & Liquid Chalk! 

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Slate Choclate Milk! 

Super pumped to be an OFFICIAL Partner with SlateMilk and SlateMilk Athlete! What is Slate? It's ultra-filtered lactose free Milk! The creators of this company LOVED chocolate milk (as do I), but they kept getting frustrated with how gross the ingredients where and they were also lactose and tolerant! Slate is ultra-filtered AND has 20g of protein! It literally so freaking good ! Check them out below!

The Mountain is YOU! 

I am obsessed with this book! All about self sabotage and how to conquer it! It's an easy read! 

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Water Filter System 

Tap water has so many contaminates in it! I keep having to lug heavy gallons of water up three flights of stairs in my apartment before I finally invested in this filter! It's super cute, easy to use, affordable, and the filters last 6 months to a year 

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TOE Spacers 

I have Bunions...gross right? These toe spacers are great! I wear them every morning to help keep my toes in alignment and prevent and other issues! Its basically like a retainer for your toes! 

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