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Uncategorized Apr 16, 2024

A few weeks ago, I drove to Dallas to speak to a group of amazing ladies about transitioning from Self-Conscious to Self-Confident. I'm not sure if some of you know this, but growing up, I was actually called “Mandela”. When I was younger, being strong wasn’t considered beautiful; it was seen as “different”. In order to avoid being made fun of, I would go to school completely covered from head to toe, even if it was 100,000 degrees out. I was ashamed of my body. 😔

Modeling agencies told me I was too short and manly to model, advising me not to even try. 🙅🏻‍♀️

So when people "look at me" now and say, “Wow, she’s so confident”, or “Wow, she probably got those titles so easily”, the truth is that’s not the case at all. Everything was WAY harder for me, and not only did I have to break through many obstacles to get here, but I also had to deal with all the internal battles I was fighting. 💥

So, how did I shift this mindset? What allows me to feel comfortable in my own skin now? In my talk, I go over three important things:

👉 Coming back to the present moment: We discussed several different things we could do, BUT one of the most important ones was writing out gratitude and coming back to your breath. 🌬️

👉 Recognizing Negative thoughts and shifting them: I went through a few techniques we use in Strong Feels Good on how to shift negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones! ✨

👉 Turning into that Alter Ego: Really getting clear on WHO that alter ego is and knowing it’s already inside of you! 🦸🏻‍♀️

Anyway, people often ask me, "Angela, why do you teach pull-ups? What is it about pull-ups that made you decide to dedicate your entire life purpose to them?" It’s because I know what it feels like for things to be hard, to not feel confident in myself. What I realized is, as I teach women their first pull-up, something that seems impossible, it completely changes their outlook and perspective, and they literally go from self-conscious to self-confident! 💫

So anyways! We are hosting a FREE Pull-up Workshop this April with special Guest Doc Jen Fit! It’s a great opportunity to get motivated, feel good, and learn the steps to making a pull-up a reality for you! 🆓

I also have a NEW video out on the 8 phases of getting your pull-up, which you can watch HERE! 🎥

Keep being amazing!

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Client Wins

You are not too old to do a pull-up. In fact, pull-ups are the gateway into so much more...

✔️ You will get stronger!

✔️ You will improve grip strength!

✔️ You will get more confident.

✔️ You will get more toned.

✔️ You will have more energy.

✔️ You will learn new things about your body.

✔️ You will enjoy moving your body.

✔️ You will enjoy challenging yourself!

All while training for your PULL-UP!!!

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