I'm getting in my own way πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2023

I’m getting in my own way... and maybe are have too?

 You know you should be... 

  • Reducing your screen time on social media
  • Getting movement in each day…but instead you just continue to work work work
  • Drinking more water
  • Getting more sunlight
  • Cutting off friends that are just toxic

...but you just aren’t doing any of it ‍... even though you know that if you actually do these things you will live better and have a happier life. 

So why DON’T we JUST DO IT ALREADY? What are we waiting for?

Why is it so hard to just do the "right” thing?

 As I was on a walk the other day I thought to myself, "it’s gotta be a few things..."

  • Self-Sabotage: for some reason, we may not even think we're worth it (whether we are consciously aware of it or not) 
  • Waiting for the “right” or ideal time: My mom is here for the next few days and she’s a teacher. She keeps saying things like, “when I am off in the...
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30 Days of Hanging and Competing on Ninja Warrior

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2023

Let’s talk today about ALL things hanging and American Ninja Warrior!

Last week I competed on American Ninja Warrior for my 5th TIME! I am now 32 years old and I am still in shocked that my body is able to still “ninja,” and that I was asked to come back to complete again.  When I turned 30, I was anticipating my athletic career being over, and while things have definitely changed in my body and I do have to workout a bit differently and recover more, I actually feel stronger and smarter in my training than I ever have!

But before we get into the deets of American Ninja Warrior, I wanted to talk about how me and thousands of other people completed 30 Days of Hanging!

Hanging has incredible benefits like:


Improved grip strength, which is directly related to measuring your OVERALL health! So by improving grip strength, you will essentially live longer (you're welcome)

It decompresses the spine and can help reduce back pain if you have any...

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Retreat Recap!

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2023

It's been quite the weekend! Since January, I have been planning for my very first Strong Feels Good Retreat here in Austin, Texas! 

I have never hosted a retreat before BUT I have been to a few that have truly changed my life. And that was my goal.. .to change each of the ladies lives by the end of the 4 Days. 

So after countless day and hours of prepping, creating the schedule, getting goodies it was time to do the damn thing! 

Thursday: The ladies arrived one by one! Most of them I have NEVER met in real life only through zoom for the past 3 years! So it was epic to meet them face to face! For Maria from Luxembourg, this was even her FIRST time in America! We started off with some healthy lunch, a quick off the plane workout and then a Sound Bowl Experience from my friend Mae!  

Friday: My amazing friend Bea lead the ladies through a BreathWork Experience which is a great way to open up the mind, release emotions and dive deep into what each...

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Small Group Training, First Annual SFG Retreat....

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2023

On Friday, my boyfriend and I had dinner and then we took the night to just paint!

Then the next morning we went to Sauna and Ice and went to a really cool farm.

Sunday I hosted a FREE Pull-up Workshop! And Had SUCH an awesome group, I went through my three step method that has helped SOO many women conquer their first pull-up! If you want to watch the replay you can check it out here!

After the workshop, I felt like my brain was broken though haha…I started to get super frustrated because I wanted to be productive but my mind was like… No girl… you cannot do things today!

So I caught up with some of my favorite Netflix/Prime Show! Let me know if you like any of these!

-YOU <—I mean this was insane haha this season was SOOO good! I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen

-Daisy and the Six’s <—I loved loved this series and I hope they do more! But it’s about a band and all their drama  

-Sex Life...

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You're not going to be your best every day... and that's okay!

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2023

Hate to break it to ya… you’re not gonna be your best every day, and that’s okay!

I’ve had a lot of clients getting down of themselves for NOT hitting their personal best each week.

I GET how frustrating that can be, especially when you HAVE been showing up each day and putting in the work!

A few things I want you to consider BEFORE beating yourself up too much:

  1. SLEEP: You need be sleeping! You can get away without enough sleep for a few days…until you can’t. Your body needs this to recover and function properly, so stop overlooking it! I personally have been using the Oura Ring to help me track this AND I take this awesome Magnesium complex that helps aid recovery and sleep before bed .
  2. RECOVERY: Are you actually giving your body enough time to recover between workouts?More isn’t always better. Your muscles need time to heal properly.
  3. HORMONES: Is it that time of month? Or close to it? Your body is going through A LOT so give yourself...
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Powerpoint Night? πŸ˜… for Fun? What!?

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2023

Power Point Night

This weekend I got a bunch of my friends together to do something called “Powerpoint Night." Each person makes a funny presentation on literally ANYTHING.

A few people messaged me asking if it was a “public speaking” class or group. No… just me and a bunch of friends making a presentation so that we can all cry laugh and take life a little less seriously for a moment. I think we could all use that right?

Presentations included:

  • Things that annoy me for no Reason at all
  • How to date a biohacker <—this one had us peeing our pants
  • Pet Peeves
  • This or That

It was a good time, and I am grateful that this group was down to get super weird with me because I am definitely a weird person.

The next day, I spoke at event and did my What If It All Goes Right? mindset talk. Ironically the screen wouldn’t work so I had to do the presentation with my laptop on a chair but I guess it was perfect example of, what if it all goes right EVEN...

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Have you ever wanted to give up πŸ˜…πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ? I have...

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2023

What makes a successful person successful?

This weekend I had the honor to go to a three day conference with top leaders and coaches in the industry so that I could become a better coach and businesswoman. I am a huge advocate of continuing education and ALWAYS learning and growing, no matter HOW much you THINK you know. You don’t know it all!

Sometimes it just takes that ONE person to say the right thing that will change your life FOREVER.

Someone actually came up to me and said “I am surprised you are here in the audience and not just speaking,” and truthfully, while I was honored ,the real secret of being successful IS learning and IS being in the audience.

Throughout the weekend we heard strategy tactics, but of course, the reality of your passion turning into your business is that you have to do a lot of things that you don’t love so much. I LOVE training, writing programing, and helping others…BUT I have to do a lot of things that AREN"T...

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Should I get a puppy? πŸΆπŸ˜…

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2023

 Wow, what a week last week! 

I feel like for myself and ALL my clients, life and adulting was happening. For me, moving, my car breaking down, and feeling sick, and for my clients, falling down stairs, norovirus sickness, family stuff, and injuries. 

LIFE is going to happen and it WILL throw you off. It’s learning how to maneuver it and surrender to the fact that sometimes…things are not in our control and all we can do is breathe and keep going.

After allowing myself to surrender and realizing that a lot of work would not get done last week I took the opportunity to finalize my vision board, write a letter to myself and do a vision casting. I also took the time to make a game plan to do things ONE thing at a time.

When you are clear on what you want and WHY you want it…it’s more likely to happen. And a lot of times, big life events “like moving” is a great opportunity to do that.

For 2023, my word is simplicity;  f...

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Are you a people pleaser too?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2023

Just breathe...

That’s what I am telling myself for the next few days.

What I have really noticed about myself (and maybe you feel the same) is that when I am not grounded, I feel super off in ALL areas of my life. I feel extra emotional, a little more irritable, and tired, My brain works slower and my body is a bit more sore.

Tomorrow, I am moving to a new apartment, so the past week, I have been putting everything into boxes. I thought I didn’t have a lot... until I started packing and I was like, "damn how the hell did I collect so much more stuff!?" So I have been living with boxes and no Wifi because I had to disconnect early.

I keep having to remind myself that everything is fine even though I don’t feel fine

Another thing I have been working on during this time has been staying firm to my boundaries and not feeling bad about things.

I am definitely a recovering People Pleaser.

This week I started to feel super burnt out by the end of the week. And I...

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Ninja Warrior... here I come πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2023

Yes…. it’s true!

I got the Call for America Ninja Warrior this year yet again! WOOT!

Last year, I also got called but decided to focus on OTHER things. It was so TOUGH to say NO to something I love. But what I have learned is that it’s okay to say NO because it will open up so many OTHER things in your life.

BUT before I dive more into Ninja Warrior, let me just talk about Austin, Texas freezing over last week! Yes...TEXAS was frozen

It legit looked like a superhero came in and BLEW cold air all over the city. Trees were frozen and breaking in half and I didn’t have power, wifi or any service for a few days.

It was frustrating, but it was almost as if the universe was saying “Hey Ang, you’ve been working really hard… it’s time for you to take a break”

So last week I was behind on everything... emails, client messages, adulting things. I am still behind

But it is it what it is. I could have fought it, but instead I leaned in...

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