7 Exercises to improve your Grip Strength

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

8 Exercises to Improve your Grip Strength! 

So you are so pumped to get your first pull-up BUT….your hands literally slide right off the bar! 

This is extremely common which is why it's super important to work on grip strength drills. There are a TON of different ways to do this! But I put together some of my favorites below! 


  1. Plate Pinches 
  2. Towel Farmers Carries 
    1. Wrap towel  around a Kettlebell or Barbell & Walk! Increase weight to make it more challenging! 
  3. Plate Tosses
    1. Great burn in the shoulders and its just FUN! Keep your shoulders NICE and relaxed while doing this and you can have some fun and toss the plate to your friends 
  4. MB Half Get-Ups 
    1. Make sure to look AT the ball while you are doing this really hold on tight with your finger & grasp the ball. 
  5. Rope Walk Downs 
    1. This is a great exercise also to progress you to a rope climb! Go down as far as YOU feel comfortable making sure to go...
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How should my hands be when doing a pull-up?

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2019

This question comes up all the time. So this will go over a few different ways you can put your hands while doing a pull-up & also go over WHAT each grip specifically works. 

Also …the controversial question of  thumbs around or over the bar? Which is better? What does it do?



Thumbs over or Under the bar ?

This sometimes feels like a controversy..but it’s not! You literally can do either over or under the bar but both have different benefits. So I suggest you do a little bit of both honestly…but again lots of controversy here, let me talk about what the benefits of both are! 


Thumbs Around the Bar:

Allows for better lat engagement and easier transitions into muscles ups. It also can be used if you are doing a lot of pull-ups and start losing grip strength and sliding off the bar.

Wrapping keeps the shoulders slightly externally rotated and more engaged and can create a stronger pulling platform. 


Thumbs Over...

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Home Pull-Up Drills (No Band Needed)

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2019

So you want to learn a pull-up...BUT you don't have access to a pull-up bar. What options do you have? 

These are my favorite at Home Pull-Up Drills & all you need is a small & Medium Band, a broom & a towel! All things which are easily accessible. 

 The below video goes over each at home drill! But read on for more details! 

Floor Pull-Ups 

This drill is a game changer. If this feels too difficult put the towel under your knees it will help you slide smoother on the floor! This is also a great grip strength drill because you have to grasp the floor.  I would do 10 of these and then transition into the army crawl ones I showed in video.

Broom Pull-Downs 

The biggest thing I want you to focus on here with the Broom Pull-Downs is to engage those lats and really act like you are going to break the broom in half before you pull-it down. This will help light up those lats, something that most people tend to lack when trying to do a...

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