How to fix your pull-up if you are pulling on one side more

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

Have you noticed when doing pull-ups that you may be pulling with one side more than the other? Believe it or not this is more common than you may think and it actually might be hindering your pull-up progress….


But have no fear in this video I go over how to FINALLY fix this so that you can continue to progress 


The 3 times Rule:

Whatever drills we are doing, we are going to do it 3x more on the weaker side. Not increasing weight or resistance just 3x more 


The movements to do to Fix this! Remember 3x MORE on the weaker side! 

Arm Circles 

Single Arm Shrug Lat Pull-Downs (Tap on  your Lat) 

Single Arm Pull-ups (don't worry you do these assisted ;))

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Pull-up Workshop | Beginner Friendly

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022




It was legit SO fun "hanging" out with you all today! 

 I hope you left the workshop being able to

1 Identify where you are at currently with your pull-up

2Learn that it's super important to get OFF the bands as much as possible and work on Mobility, Stability & Strength Drills to get your Pull-up 

3 That a pull-up is completely possible for you! 

4 You need to be consistent in order to conquer it 

And let's be can be super tough to go about this process alone. You can continue to look up random workouts on instagram or mess around with the pull-up here or there... OR 

Join in on my 30 Day Pull-up Revolution and I will be there every step of the way to help you succeed <3 

Details below! We start Feb 6th 

Sign-up Pull-up Coaching Program (Starts Feb 6th):

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How to get "unstuck" from the Bottom of your Pull-up

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

Are you feeling completely STUCK at the Bottom of your pull-up?

Literally you use the assisted band and you’re able to crank out a decent amount and then boom! You get rid of the band and you can’t do any…

Why is that? And what can you do to get “unstuck” from the bottom of your pull-up?


Why doesn't the band work?! 

It’s doing you a disservice helping you at the hardest part of the pull-up…the bottom.. so your not really building strength for the bottom of the pull-up. Make sure you are using an assisted pull-up that is actually challenging you. Does the band have benefits? Absolutely! Especially because it does help strengthen the other parts of your pull-up and give you the idea of how amazing it feels to get that chin above the bar! 


4 Moves to help you get UNSTUCK at the Bottom of your pull-up

Shrug Lat Pull-Downs

 Single Arm Shrug Lat Pull-down while tapping the Lat to wake it up!


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4 Game Changing Q's to help you Conquer your Pull-up (Beginner Friendly)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

Sometimes there's just ONE single Q, that will be a game-changer in conquering your pull-up. This is going to over 4 that have helps hundreds conquer their pull-up!  

So in this video I go through 4, that have helped beginners & all types of people finally get their pull-up!


Instead of Pull-up A lot of times when we think "Pull UP" we tend to use our shoulders! Where if we thing "Pull DOWN" we actually start to use our back/lats


2- Elbows Towards Rib Cage

So many times you might want to lead your elbows forward which could lead to elbow pain! Instead, think elbows to ribcage

3- Break the Bar

Literally...trying to break the bar will engage those lats and allow all the right muscles to work

4-Aggressively Pull-Down

As soon as you get eye level with the bar aggressively pull-down and it will make the pull-up seem way easier ! Anyways, hope these were helpful for you!


Let me know if there is ANYthing else I can help you with your...

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Weightlifter vs Ninja

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

It's super common, especially in females, to be able to lift up heavy weight on a deadlift...but then the second they go to hang on the bar to do some pull-up...nothing...Why are so many strong in one area but not the other?! 

Why is that? Why does this happen? 

We explore this topic in the Video here with my friend Nikki who is a trainer/weightlifter. 

The first thing we go over in this video is the Pull-up. Nikki does her pull-ups and Angela Analyzes them and giver her drills in order to improve them. Angela see's that Nikki is using her shoulders a lot more than her lats so she gives three things to help: 

1) Instead of thinking Pull-up think Pull-Down 

2) Do Lat pull-up downs but with a Shrug pull-down before she does pull-ups 

3) Work on hanging Shoulder Shrugs to prep for the pull-up 

Next up, Nikki analyzes Angela's deadlift to giver her feedback on how she can improve. 

Nikki shows Angela the right positioning for the bar.


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5 Common Pull-up Mistakes (and Solutions 😉)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

The pull-up journey isn’t as straight forward as one would like to think. During this journey, there are a few “mistakes” or maybe we should call them growing pains that you might encounter. But have no fear! I am going to take you through these mistakes and ways to help you through them so that you can get that FIRST pull-up or increase your max.


1Wrong hand position

Which can cause elbow pain. What I commonly see is that people have their elbows dropping forward and hands are super narrow.  Make sure hands are shoulder width apart and that you are pulling elbows back and to your ribcage.

2Overuse of the Assisted band

Yes this is great tool, however people become TOO dependent on the band and they start to use a super super thick band which basically throws you up. A reminder, that pull-up band helps you at the hardest part of the pull-up…that bottom…and that’s commonly where everyone really needs to work! Go for lighter...

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What should your Pull-up Look Like?!

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

I like to break up the pull-up a bit differently from MOST people.... here in Angela's Coaching World we call this 

Start from the Bottom now we here....

Why do I call the pull-up break down this?!

Because think about it...we are literally starting from the bottom (standing below the bar) and pulling ourselves up (chin above the bar) 

So I'm going to break the pull-up down for you step by step so that you truly understand it. Really take note of EACH part of this! It will help YOU become successful in your pull-up journey to finally conquer your pull-up OR increase your max! 

We will go over the following:

  • Where do your arms go? 
  • How should it look? 
  • Where do your hands go? 
  • Thumbs over or under the bar?! 
  • What the hell do I do with my legs during all of this? 
  • Where should my elbows be bending to? 

Step 1: Hang on the bar with arms a little further than shoulder width apart, wrist are neutral


Step 2: Thumbs can be...

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#1 Beginner Pull-up Mistake 😫😱 | And it's NOT what you may think

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

Seriously, this is the secret that NO ONE is telling you that will help you get that pull-up faster. And it’s NOT what you might think

It all has to do with…you ready? Overhead Range of Motion. That right…you’re probably thinking what the actual F*ck….no one has ever told me this… they just throw me on the bar and make me do assisted pull-ups..

But have no fear.. I am here and to your rescue! 

In the beginning of my Pull-up Programs I ALWAYS have the crew members assess their Overhead Range of motion using a simple test. Now it’s important to know something, mobility is NOT just being able to get to a certain point, it’s being able to get to that point and functionally move.  Watch Full Video Below

IF you do the test in the video and you can’t touch your pinkies to the wall comfortably that does NOT mean that you are doomed and never getting your pull-up. It just means this is an area we can work on so...

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8 Phases of Getting your Pull-up

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

So many people think the "win" of getting their pull-up is getting that chin above the bar. While "yes" the goal is to do that I feel like so often they forget about the "in-between movements" along their journey as they are getting stronger. 

Getting your pull-up is NOT a linear’s literally a rollercoaster ride. One day you feel strong the next day you feel like you took ten steps backward. 

So I personally create 8 Phases of Getting your Pull-up. You will use these to identify where you are at currently. This is a game-changer for a few reasons:

  1. You can identify where you are at currently 
  2. You can identify what the next phase is that you are going to work towards
  3. You can nail down where you are "stuck" so that you can work on the correct areas to improve your strength 
  4. You can track your progress

8 Phases to Getting Your Pull-up 

Phase 1: Can hang of the bar for a few seconds but that is it 

Phase 2: Can hang the...

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How to get your first Pull-up (Female Friendly)

pull-ups Jul 21, 2022

So you are ready to conquer your first ever pull-up. Maybe you aren't sure where to start? Maybe you have tried them in the past...but you got fed up because the drills you found online just where not working. tried the assisted pull-up bands or assisted pull-up machines but then when you tried to do them from a dead hang...nadda...nothing..

I get it. My clients would always come to me with a goal of getting their pull-ups. So I started to do some research and realized that there really is nothing out there that really takes you through it step by step. Yes, they may give you the generic moves you see in every instagram post. But there is SOO much more involved in a pull-up. 

So here I will take you through a method that has helped over 500 women crush their pull-up. Three main components we work with are mobility, stability & strength. 



What exactly is mobility? For a pull-up it's not ONLY being able to raise your hands...

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