I suck at drinking water. Anyone else?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Seriously, I am not one of those people who feel thirsty, and I can go the entire day not drinking water and then I wonder to myself, "why the hell do I have low energy and feel like shit?"

So here are a few things I have been doing to stay hydrated. Maybe these tips will help you too!

Drinking TWO Glasses of water in the morning

This is my NO-BS approach to make sure you get SOME water in because let’s face it, something is better than nothing!

Carrying a jug around with me

I used to be that girl carrying around a plastic milk jug water bottle, and it was SO annoying to carry it around, so I knew if I drank it, then I wouldn’t have to carry it anymore! I now have upgraded to this super cute jug that has motivational lines on it. I can refill it with my own filtered water, saving me money, saving the environment and all the things. Here’s a link to the flask if you want to grab one from amazon.

Link: https://a.co/8Uq3ZeJ 

Getting a Reverse Osmosis Water...

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7 of my Favorite Easily Digestible Books


Today I wanted to share 7 Books that are EASILY Digestible and changed my life....

 First I want to start off by saying that I am a SLOW reader and I always have been. For the longest time, I was embarrassed by this. I had friends cranking through a few books a week and I just could NOT keep up.

I decided to give myself permission to read as SLOW, as I want so I can really understand and absorb each book.

These books were all EASY to read, digestible, and I was able to actually take action after them, which is something I feel like is super important.

You can READ get all the advice you want but it's important to actually implement it. 

Also I visited the Ryan Holiday Book Store this weekend! It was so damn cute, located in a small town, and he had notes on certain books that explained why he loved them so much! And it inspired me to make this

The Mountain is YOU

I WILL be reading this multiple times. It's a great book on self sabotage it gives you reasons for WHY you feel...

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With the right belief and guidance, you can do anything 

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2022

It's true. "With the right belief and guidance....you can truly do anything" 

And I don't mean YOU having belief in yourself. 

Because the truth is, most of the time we don't actually believe in ourselves. We second guess ourselves, we think of reasons why we aren't good enough or reasons why things will go wrong. 

So TWO things will happen here:

  • You DO IT anyway...and the belief comes later 
  • You have someone around who believes in you so damn much, that it starts to rub off on you. It starts to drive you to take action because THEY see something in you that you don't see yet 

This has happened so many times for me.

  1. Before I started Fitness competition, someone brought me to meet Cathy Savage. The OG of fitness and the leader of all things Fitness Competition. I sat in her office, young, scared, still working as a  biochemist and after our conversation she said "I am sponsoring you to do a competition in a few weeks, coaching, outfits etc" I was in...
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October normally sucks...

mindset success stories Oct 31, 2022

Happy Halloween, Crew! 

Most of you are aware of this, but Halloween is literally my favorite holiday. I love the idea of dressing up and not being so serious for a full week (yes, I celebrate all week). 

This week I was:

  • Beetlejuice
  • an Astronaut
  • a Cat! (I am actually sitting in a cafe as we speak with cat ears on as I write this)  

As much as I LOVE Halloween, to be honest, historically, October hasn't been the best month for me. It always seems to be filled with drama, breakups, deaths, moving...

You ever have that month that you are kinda holding on and just waiting for something bad to happen because, well, it always does. That's this month for me. What's interesting is that things actually were going good, but my body was FILLED with anxiety, anticipating the worst. 

Last year, despite IG pictures that seemed happy, I felt super alone, was going through a breakup, and I was struggling to find my place when I was living in Colorado. 


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A bird pooped on my head ­čśů

mindset success stories Oct 24, 2022

Yes... you heard that right. I was sitting outside at a cafe, minding my own business, doing some work and all of the sudden I felt a drip drip on my head and shirt. 

I looked up, and there was literally just ONE bird sitting on a ledge above my head. He KNEW what he was doing. 

I posted about this and so many people messaged me saying, "it's good luck" and this got me thinking. Why? Why is it good luck?

What if it is just making light of a seemingly bad situation? 

If we can say that good luck comes for a bird pooping on your head, why not take that same perspective when other bad things happen in life?

"The primary reason that many cultures believe that it's good luck to have a bird poop on you, is because the chance of this happening is fairly rare. In fact, it's about as rare as a win in the lottery. Therefore, many people who get pooped on, immediately go and buy a lottery ticket.

It has been calculated that in the USA, the chance of getting pooped on...

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If you're not living your life by design, you're living it by default

mindset ninja Oct 17, 2022

It's been a busy few weeks. I had a week home in Austin and then I got asked to speak at a men's group in Saint George, Utah. 

This was my first paid speaking gig since the pandemic. I was so damn excited to get on stage, share my story and provide value to a group of over 60 men. 

I flew to Vegas and had to be driven 2 hours to Utah, passing 3 time zones! (Nevada, Arizona then Utah.) 

When I arrived, the guys where all doing ice baths and activities to work on themselves to make them better men/humans. 

We then got to the house where I would be speaking. 

I was definitely nervous, even though I was prepared. And when I got up there, my mouth immediately became dry as I started the talk. 

I started off with some questions and then lead into talking about my story on how I became an "accidental ninja" 

I honestly didn't even know what the show Ninja Warrior was when I tried out, I just had someone pushing me to try out because they had this insane...

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My mom being hospitalized changed everything

mindset Oct 10, 2022

Today I wanted to take a moment to chat about my mom's hospitalization. 

Last week I went off to New York City. I had this trip planned for over a month a month. The plan was to reconnect, explore the city and go to tan event called Strong New York. 

A week before going, I got the phone call nobody ever wants to get. 

I had noticed that my mom was not answering me much during one of her favorite days, her birthday. 

It was strange, so I talked to my stepdad and he informed me that she had been hospitalized. 

You see... my mom is an amazing woman. 

  • Special needs preschool teacher
  • College professor, teaching two classes 
  • Getting her SECOND masters degree 
  • AND fighting for the rights of all the teachers to help them have a better experience 

She is a force. On top of that, she is ALWAYS checking in on me and the rest of the family. 

She's 63 years old, and a perfectionist who literally puts 110% into everything she does.


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Life happens... a lot!

I have really been enjoying working closely with a select group of women. I am super proud of my client, Aimee. After not working out in awhile, we got her back in the grove of hitting 5 workouts a week, starting back to the basics, mastering them, getting decent schedule down.

She was ON A ROLL… until well, life happened. Her cat went missing, and she finally found him, (I can relate this so much since I used to have an outdoor cat.)

Because of this, her schedule got a bit messed up. She wasn’t able to get her workout in early like she had wanted. Instead of beating herself up about it and stressing, she simply just moved her workout to a different time that day, from the normal 7am to 1:30pm.

Not only did she make the time, she also realize how damn good it felt to take her mind off all the stress and get movement in.

It’s in this moment as I read her messages and schedule her workouts for next week that you can SEE exactly why movement isn’t just about...

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Growth hurts... literally.

acl recovery Sep 26, 2022

Today I wanted to do a quick check-in with everyone and talk about growth, because the truth is....

Growth Hurts…literally!

But we have a choice. We can stay stuck or we can lean into the discomfort

I decided to lean into it, but it took awhile to get there.

You see, I had EVERYTHING going for me. I owned a gym, I was getting in magazines, and I even had a boyfriend for a hot second.

And then BOOM.

In one flash of a second EVERYTHING changed.

I tore my ACL on National Television (Ninja Warrior 2018) in front of HUNDREDS of people. I was embarrassed, I was frustrated.

Everyone watched me go from being one of the strongest top females to a crippled girl who was broken.

So what did I do?

I took a moment to feel what I needed to, to feel all the suck. To sit in the shit moment. To say, "why me?". I was so broken at one point that I didn't want to live anymore. I felt like my identity was gone since I wasn't an athlete.

Until I finally got tired of my own shit and realized it was...

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The Pull-up vs The Chin-up whats the difference?

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2022



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Pull-up vs the Chin-up! Which one is better?! Which one is easier? I go through all of that in this video! I also go over a few other variations of pull-ups that you can do to shake things up a little ;).

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