Core Challenge Day 6 | Front Racked Marches

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

30 Day Core Revolution Challenge Starts April 3rd! Sign-up Today!: Y


You probably are like how is this even a CORE movement…but it is.

Think about it, functional core movement where you have to stand tall and hold position while moving!

See if you can challenge yourself with the weight, keep your lats tight.

You can even do a SINGLE arm OR uneven load with this to make it even more challenging to keep up tall and keep a tight core No weights? No Problem, use milk jugs, soup can, back packs.


Today’s Challenge:

1minute Front Racked Marches

1minute Break

Repeat x 4


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Core Challenge Day 7 | Plank Oblique Series

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

30 Day Core Revolution Challenge Starts April 3rd! Sign-up Today!:


Day 7 Core Challenge

The “plank oblique series” The “love handles” the “muffin top” I honestly hate both of these names lol but that’s what you hear when you think of “obliques” or the side core area. First things first, you cannot “spot train” these areas…but we can work on strengthening them & it’s important to do so because this allows us to rotate our body effectively.


You know when you’re in your car and you have to reach behind you to grab something …”obliques” Anyways ! Here’s todays core challenge.



Plank Hip Taps x 10

Lean Rock Middle x 10

Lean Side Rocks x 10es

How many rounds did you get?! 



PS: My 30 Day Core challenge starts April 3rd 30 days of core, prizes, &...

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Core Challenge Day 5 | The Hollow Hold

core Jul 18, 2022



The good old Hollow Hold, I did these in gymnastics and remember dreading them!

But this move is awesome for your core !

I want to teach you HOW to get into this hollow hold position the way I used to teach the gymnastics I used to teach.

  1. Get into a ball
  2. feet off the ground
  3. Place your hands on lap
  4. push them out until your feet and shoulders are off the ground

Today’s Challenge:

30second Hollow Hold

10 Hollow Hold Circles Repeat x 3

Post that you completed on IG stories tag @angela_gargano @strongfeelsgood_


TIP: Can’t go all the way down because you feel in your back?! No worries, just go to the point that you can


30 Day Core Revolution Challenge Starts April 3rd! Sign-up Today!: 

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Core Challenge Day 4 | The Single Leg Stance

core Jul 18, 2022

What does standing on a single leg have to do with core… basically everything…we are constantly in single leg positions and if you can keep your core strong and up right it is a game changer


SO todays Challenge:

  • Stand on Single Leg at 90 degrees for 1 minute see how many times you have to tap (time how long you can stand on each leg, one side will probably be easier than the other)
  • Stand on Single Leg at 90 degress with eyes closed 1 minute see how many times you have to tap(Time how long you can stand on each leg)

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Core Challenge Day 3 | Plank

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

Day 3: Plank Sequence 


So we made it to the classic plank….I know you might see people bragging about how long they can hold a plank which is great, but it’s super important to make sure you are doing it properly. 

So I want us to start on our back, inhale exhale squeeze your butt. Now roll around and hold your forearm plank after doing the same thing. You should be shaking. Shoulders are directly over the elbows. 


If you make your legs wider it increases surface area and makes things a bit easier. Make sure you don’t have your butt too high or too low. 


Todays Challenge: 

30second Plank Hold (the right way ;)) 

Knee middle, knee same elbow, knee opposite elbow (Right side) 1—> 8 

Time how long this takes you and post the time to your story! Tag @angela_gargano and @strongfeelsgood_

TIP: Make sure you are looking at where your knee is going the entire time to really feel the effects.

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Core Challenge Day 2 | The Bear Hold

core Jul 18, 2022
30 Day Core Revolution Challenge:

Day 2: Bear Hold


So if you watched my last video we reviewed the “deadbug” which has us laying on your back. Now we are going to go into something called a bear hold, which basically flips that deadbug around into what some call an “alive bug” Just like the Deadbug, this might “look” easy but it’s not if you are doing it correctly you should feel this through your entire body. 


Step 1: Table top position (deadbug flipped around) hip aligned with knee, should aligned with wrist. Inhale, exhale squeeze but 


Step 2: Make sure your hands are grabbing on and turning the ground kinda like you are opening a jar of jelly feeling. Back should be flat and like you would be able to hold glass of water on your back. 


Step 3: Now that you have that down you can hoover your knees above the ground push your knees out...

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Core Challenge Day 1 | The Deadbug

core Jul 18, 2022


30 Day Core Revolution Challenge Starts April 3rd! Sign-up Today!: 

 Day 1: Deadbug

The Deadbug, this seemingly simple movement is a GAME changer to get the strong core you are looking for?! Why is that? This movement pushes you to keep your core engaged WHILE moving your arms and legs, which is so important. If you can do this, it translates into everyday life movements.


So Today we will go over how to do the deadbug and give ya a challenge to try with some different variations


Step 1: Lay down on you back, inhale, squeeze your butt exhale making sure that cave in your back disappears


Step 2: Keep that core engaged while moving opposite arms and legs


Today’s Challenge

30seconds Deadbug Hold


10 (each side) Same Side Deadbug Extensions stay on one side then shift to the other


10 (each side) Opposite Arm Opposite Legs Extensions Stay on one side Switch to...

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Taking Control of Your Nutrition with Sam Forget

My guest this week is my friend Sam Forget! Sam and I were living right next to each other in NYC, we had all the same mutual friends, and we even had similar travel and conference schedules but we NEVER knew each other until we met at a conference last year in Seattle. Sam is an online nutrition coach who works with people who have transformation-related goals through 1:1 coaching and group coaching. He doesn’t just focus on the nutritional side of things, but also lifestyle stuff: everything from relationship with food, to stress management, to sleep hygiene. 

I get a lot of people asking me about nutrition plans, but here’s the thing about nutrition plans: a list of what to eat and what not to eat is not going to address your relationship with food, how you cope with stress, or the state of your digestive health. It might give you short-term results, but it’s not going to help you in the long term. It goes much, much deeper than that. 

In this...

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Creating a Successful Online Course with Kyle Weiger

kyle weiger podcast Jul 18, 2022

Listeners, meet my bestie! Kyle Weiger is a handstand coach. He found yoga at the age of 28, which led to gymnastics, which then led to acrobatics, and he found a passion for teaching handstands. He put out his first handstand course in 2017 and it’s been a wild ride since then. Kyle hosts workshops, online courses, intensive online groups, and more, all about handstands! Kyle has had a wide range of students, from true beginners to crossfit athletes, and has taught over 8,000 students across 72 countries. 

But his success didn’t happen overnight. He went from struggling financially, up to his eyeballs in debt, thinking about renting a storage unit and living out of it just to make ends meet, in a dark place emotionally and financially, with his only customer being his mom, to the successful entrepreneur he is today. It took 6 or 7 years from the time he launched his first website to actually being successful. 

So why handstands? Like pull-ups, it’s more...

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Trainer Tips: Stop making these mistakes in your Core Workouts

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2022

3 Mistakes that I see ALL the time in Core Workouts that could be hindering your progress and even leading to some back & neck pain. 


#1 Putting your Hands Behind your Butt/Back 

So many people do this because they have back pain when doing this movement...but what they don't realize is that by putting your hands behind your back you are completely negating using your core AND that if you were having back pain during this movement it's better for you to REGRESS the movement to heel taps so that you can learn to engage the core properly. 


#2 Pulling your Neck Forward instead of to the ceiling when doing the classic Crunch 

You want to pretend like there is a string attached to your nose and it is pulling you UP not forward. You also should not be PULLING on your neck while doing this, your hands are simply allowing your neck a place to stay and live 

#3 The Plank Hip Tap 

So many times I see people legit just rolling their body on the...

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